Songs of Soviet Mountaineering

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Songs of Soviet Mountaineering

Songs of Soviet Mountaineering: Vladimir Vysotsky, Yuri Vizbor.
Русским читателям: разыскиваются песни авторов помимо Высоцкого и Визбора.

A song from the 1967 Soviet sports drama film Vertical, which was a commercial success and propelled Vysotsky to the stardom.

One more song from the 1967 Soviet sports drama film Vertical, starring Vysostsky.

Fann Mountains are a part of the western Pamir-Alay mountain system and are primarily located in Tajikistan.

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This song was written ten years after Vizbor's attempt to summit Lenin Peak (23,406 ft). He had to give up on his goal in order to help transport an injured climber from a different party back to the base camp.

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This song celebrates the First Soviet Himalaya expedition (aka Everest-82), which was a success with 11 mountaineers summitted via a new technically-difficult route on the spur of SW wall.

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Vizbor's last song. He battles cancer until his death six months later.

Title of the song corresponds to mountaineering camp and ski resort in Tsey Gorge.

A song about Mt Elbrus and surrounding peaks.

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A song, which didn't make to the final cut of Vertical, starring Vysostsky.

The first line of this song was also used as a title of a book by Sergei Bershov - an acclaimed Soviet/Ukrainian mountaineer, who climbed a number of 8000-ers in Himalaya, including first ascent on the South Face of Lhotse.

One more song about Pamir, the highest mountains of the Soviet Union, with three peaks above 7000 meters.

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The title of the song in the name of the stunning mountain in Caucasus Mountains on the Russia/Georgia border.

Another song about Caucasus Mountains, and famous mountaineering camp of Uzunkol.

One of the most famous Vizbor's songs is about a place of stunning scenery - Dombai ski resort.
The area is great for mountaineering too.

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This song is about Prielbrusye (or as this area is known now: Prielbrusye National Park), located in Kabardino-Balkar Republic of Russia. The park is dominated by Mt Elbrus (5,642 m or 18,510 ft), one of the Seven Summits.
Although this region is well known for numerous technical climbs, this song praises two relatively easy peaks: Kogutay Bolshoy (Main) and Kogutay Malyj (Lesser), with elevations of 3891 and 3850 m respectively.

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Song about Caucasus Mountains and Mt Elbrus area - a place where most of Soviet mountaineers started their path.

It is more of a tourist song about Teberda Nature Preserve, located in direct proximity to Dombay area.
Author is 18 years old.

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A simple song, which I thought belongs there.

Khibiny Mountains are not so technically challenging for mountaineering crowd, but they stretch the geographical boundaries of this collection, since they are located above the Arctic Circle on Kola Peninsula.

Vizbor wrote at least a dozen of songs on Pamir and this one is about 7000-meter peak he was trying to summit.