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Songs about identifying with wolves or turning into one.
Songs about delving into the depths of one's own mind, and what one found there.
Songs about booze. Songs about other drugs can be found here: and here:
Songs and music featured in The Wedding Singer
The soundtrack of the Turkish series "Yuvamdaki Düşman" (Enemy in my house).
All entries in the Danish national final for the Eurovision Song Contest 2018.
Vain elämää -ohjelman neljännellä kaudella olevia artisteja ja heidän laulunsa kun se on relevantti. (18.9.2015–6.10.2015) Wikipedian artikkeli:
This is my first collection and it's just for fun. The idea is to add songs that have one person's first name, male or female, as their title (and only one name, nothing else, not even in parentheses). I'll probably just add one song for each name, in cases where there are more than one. I'll ...
Some of my favourite songs in English language from A to Z.
Here are the six songs that participated in the German national final for the Eurovision Song Contest 2018 in Lisbon/Portugal. It took place on 22nd February. Ivy Quainoo - House On Fire Michael Schulte - You Let Me Walk Alone Natia Todua - My Own Way Ryk - You And I voXXclub - I Mog Di ...
All Montenegrin entries in the Eurovision Song Contest.
All Serbian entries in the Eurovision Song Contest.
All Dutch entries in the Eurovision Song Contest.
Here you'll find 100 artists who are also (or best) known for their performances in musical theater (in Broadway, West End, etc. shows), but who have a solo career of their own. In each of their descriptions, you will find some of their stage credits. Other profiles can be found here (101-200) ...
100Alma Barroca
it's hard to nail down a list of only 1 band /singer per country. Here's a list of people that I love to put on loop, cause they always deliver. ------------------------------ countries still missing: -------------------------------- andorra - austria - albania - bosnia - bulgaria - ...
NDW - german wavebands and their hits from the 80s I cheated and actually used this compilation:
This is a curated list of recommended songs about New York City, its neighborhoods, streets, people, and moods. It is not intended to include every song where New York City is mentioned. For those interested in a more comprehensive list see here:
Inspired by the Alma Barroca's Collection of 100 Greatest Brazilian Songs, I'm adding this collection 100 Greatest Argentinian Rock Songs (many of these aren't rock songs what) made by the Rolling Stone Magazine in 2002. Also take in consideration that this list doesn't contain my own ...
100Diazepan Medina
A collection of the "Country in the Eurovision Song Contest" collections. The countries are ordered by their first appearance in the contest.
best soundtracks
Shall I compare thee to a Shakespearean play? Of course not, since these songs are by no means on par with the Bard's masterpieces, but still contain references from his works.
A collection of poets who were awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature.
This is a collection of songs from artists who lived in the German Democratic Republic (GDR). Lieder aus einem Land, das es nicht mehr gibt: DDR
Collection about poems related to Decadentism: the Italian "branch" of the Decadent Movement. Always in progress: suggestions are more than welcome. :) *biggrin*
Cette collection de chansons présente des artistes qui n’ont pas le français comme langue maternelle mais qui ont décidé de chanter en français. Elle présente des chansons originales et non pas des reprises de chansons en français par des artistes étrangers. Bien sûr, cette liste est loin d’être ...
All entries in the UK national final for the Eurovision Song Contest 2018.
All entries in the Swiss national final for the Eurovision Song Contest 2018.
Songs representing different subcultures, historic or current regions, and departments of France. ############################################# some good lists are here:
Krautrock is a broad genre of experimental rock that developed in Germany in the late 1960s. The term "krautrock" was originated by English-speaking music journalists as a humorous name for a diverse range of experimental German bands whose music drew on sources such as psychedelic rock, the ...
Tutte le canzoni in Italiano, tradotte in Inglese, di uno degli album più sperimentali e impegnati dell'indimenticabile Mimì.
9Berny Devlin
Em 2009, a edição brasileira da famosa revista 'Rolling Stone' publicou uma lista das 100 maiores (o que não quer dizer as mais importantes ou mais populares) músicas brasileiras. Este é um bom ponto de partida caso você queira conhecer um pouco da MPB (Música Popular Brasileira). Você pode, se ...
97Alma Barroca
All entries in Melodifestivalen 2018, the Swedish national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest 2018.
These Songs are not official state anthems, but are good representatons of the regions (Bundesländer) of Germany.
Songs praising Cain. He is seen as something like their progenitor, a first of their kind, by some people who belong to heterodox forms of spirituality.
Songs about reaching enlightenment by transcending limited constructs of one's ego, leaving behind parts of one's psyche, facing one's shadow, etc.
From the user who brought you the Asian rap collection. There will be a lot to this, and I will update it as I find time. These are Asian pop songs I listen to pretty much on a daily basis. Everything from DNA onwards suggested by Miley_Lovato
44Ayano Aishi
All songs that won the American Music Award for Favorite Song – Soul/R&B. It has been awarded since 1974. The category was retired for over a decade in 1995, before returning in the 2016 ceremony. Years reflect the year in which the awards were presented, for works released in the previous year ...
Yo, ho, ho, a pirate's life for me! But not necessarily... This collection's theme is the sea in all its might. Landlubbers, ye be warned.
These are songs I sent to people who are learning Estonian or just to give them an idea of what Estonian sounds like, or just songs I like in my native language! :D work in progress
13Ayano Aishi
This is a collection of artists who performed at the Woodstock Music & Art Fair 1969.
Songs that deal with the subject of death. Death of self, someone loved, etc.
100Alma Barroca
Some rap songs that I like in various Asian languages, this will be expanded as I find more
56Ayano Aishi
Tutte le canzoni che hanno partecipato a Sanremo 2011, nelle categorie "Campioni" e "Nuove proposte". (In corso...) 6 artisti da aggiungere con rispettiva canzone
Songs about notable historic events or periods in history. Started this list from the top of my head. Might add more later.
All entries in the Eurovision Song Contest 2018. This collection is to be constantly updated.
All James Bond theme songs that either appeared in the opening credits or are widely considered as the film's main vocal theme. There is another collection which lists all songs in James Bond films that are either considered secondary or were scrapped altogether:
All Croatian entries in the Eurovision Song Contest.
All Moldovan entries in the Eurovision Song Contest.
All Polish entries in the Eurovision Song Contest.
Dansk Melodi Grand Prix is an annual music competition organised by Danish public broadcaster Danmarks Radio (DR), which determines the country's representative for the Eurovision Song Contest.
All Latvian entries in the Eurovision Song Contest.
All Georgian entries in the Eurovision Song Contest.
All Czech entries in the Eurovision Song Contest.
All Slovene entries in the Eurovision Song Contest.
All Armenian entries in the Eurovision Song Contest.
All Slovak entries in the Eurovision Song Contest.
All entries of Monaco in the Eurovision Song Contest.
[Peace for everyone!] :D In this collection, I want to present you different songs that (in my opinion) contain a political message - about special politicians or about the situation of their country or about the entire world. If you find similar songs, feel free to tell me! I'd be ...
All songs that won an Oscar in the category "Best Original Song".
The songs that have competed in the Eurovision Song Contest 2008 from the 1st place to the 43rd place.
The Hungarian Eurovision entries (Magyarország az Eurovíziós Dalfesztiválokon)
All Rromanian entries in the Eurovision Song Contest. Romania has participated in the Eurovision Song Contest 18 times, debuting in the 1994 contest. It did not participate in 1995, 1997, 1999, 2001 and it was disquafied once (in 2016). It did not manage to qualify in 1993 and 1996.
All Swedish entries in the Eurovision Song Contest.
A collection dedicated to traditional Sephardic music through many countries it may find itself in (each with its own unique flavor). The list is still a WIP.
All songs that have competed at the Eurovision Song Contest 2009, held in Moscow, Russia.
A collection of songs that praise demons or "dark" deities. There is some overlap with my collection Devotional Satanism, which contains songs that praise the devil. This collection here differs from that one by including those lyrics in which the names of other demons/deities are explicitly ...
This collection contains all songs (including their composers - not performers!) that have won a Grammy Award in the main category "Song of the Year". The Grammies (originally: "Gramophone Awards") were established in 1958, first presented in 1959, and are managed by the National Academy of ...
The songs of the French National Selection for the Eurovision Song Contest 2018
Tal como dice el título Just what the title says
37Diazepan Medina
Songs that are LGBT+-related people in its thematics, issues, characters, etc. Of course, this is meant to be a positive, happy collection. Offensive songs won't even be considered - however, songs that are more serious or dark will be allowed, after all, not everything is happiness. Open for ...
100Alma Barroca
The Soundtrack of the Turkish series "Seviyor Sevmiyor" (He/she loves, he/she doesn't love) based on the Korean series "Geunyeoneun Yeppeodda/ 그녀는 예뻤다" (She was pretty). [more songs to be added eventually]
Tutte le canzoni che hanno partecipato a Sanremo 2012, nelle categorie "Campioni" e "Nuove proposte".
Musik for Kizomba. Will be added more and more
7Сергей Долгирев
From Game of Thrones, to Lord of the Rings, to Elder Scrolls... Anything fantasy themed!
Again, a collection of songs inspired by Celtic (including Irish, Scottish, Gaelic) culture, history and mythology. More coming soon. Also, expect this to be mostly folk metal.
A list of songs inspired by Ancient Greek culture. Still in progress.
A collection of songs inspired by the Vikings' religion and culture. The list includes many different genres and will be fleshed out with more soon.
This collection consists of my favourite Finnish songs
All entries from the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2009 – “For The Joy Of People”. It took place on 21 November 2009 in Kiev, Ukraine.
13Ivan U7n
A lot of songs contain humour; but these here a dripping with it. (more to be added)
Songs about re-merging with the divine all. (when I find more I'll add more)
A variety of mystic poetry that didn't fit into the other collections I made.
Songs narrating how the world came to be. (when I find more I'll add more)
Songs focusing on or at least including the metaphor of the spirit as a flame, or about a fire burning inside one's soul. (when I find more I'll add more)
Songs about connecting with nature on a spiritual or at least deeply emotional level or about nature/the all as the divine. Pantheistic songs that mention the concept of autotheism can be found in my collection Pan- & Autotheism. (more to be added)
Songs about aggression, lust for revenge, and acts of violence.
The modern equivalent to what medievalists call "Gelehrte Dichtung" ('scholarly poetry') - songs where you need certain background knowledge as a key to understand the entangled metaphors. I don't claim to know the key to every song in this collection. (more to be added)
Songs of various polytheistic or animist approaches to spirituality, be it Hinduism, Paganism, or anything else.
Songs about writing songs. Especially those that include metaphors from the art of forging, but also those about the muses that inspired the texts or the effect that the music has. (possibly more to be added)
Adaptations I wrote.
(more to be added)
A collection of the multitude of songs that praise the devil. There is some overlap with my collection Demonolatry, which contains songs that explicitly praise demons or "dark" deities. (more to be added)
Songs that encourage to go after one's dreams, or about overcoming the obstacles of despair by finding strength within oneself. (more to be added)
"Life sucks, and then you die..." May wallowing in this give you some catharsis. (more to be added)
Songs based on the theological concept that the divine is all that exists and that oneself is therefore a manifestation of it, and songs about self-deification. Purely pantheistic songs that don't mention any autotheistic concepts can be found in my collection Nature Mysticism. (more to be added)
Songs of love, lost love, and broken hearts. (more to be added)
Songs of (typically Satanic or Inverse-Christian) rebellion against the cosmos or the ruling god/s, additionally sometimes also against the rulers of society. (more to be added)
...of both the pro- and anti-cosmic kind, and all in between. If it's worship of a negative/destructive force that acts on some kind of universal or general level, I put it into this collection. (more to be added)
Tutte le canzoni che hanno partecipato a Sanremo 2013, nelle categorie "Campioni" e "Nuove proposte".