Innamorati - Где-то Далеко (ইংরেজী অনুবাদ)

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Innamorati - Где-то Далеко

Ты пригласил меня в кафе
На итальянском языке
Ты говорил красиво мне
Tu che mi pensi in ogni via
A casa, a scuola, in filovia
Нам нежно скрипка пела соло
И ночь казалась невесома
Тебя нашла и потеряла
Не виновата, не виновата, не виновата
Innamorata, innamorata, innamorata
Io che ero il primo in compagnia
E la più bella era la mia
Dicevo: “Donna, tu sei mia”
A счастья в жизни так немного
И где-то "да" его далёко
Tu col tuo sguardo un po' innocente
Tu che mi leggi nella mente
Senza di te non sono niente
Не виновата, не виновата, не виновата
Innamorato, innamorato, innamorato
Я помню тёплый ветер с гор
Роз аромат и нежный взор
Ночь итальянская на море
E poi nascosti, anima mia
Poter sentire che sei mia
Ты ничего не обещай
И на вокзал не провожай
Что наша жизнь? Всего игра
Мы словно дети, мы словно дети, мы словно дети
Innamorati, innamorati, Innamorati
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ইংরেজী অনুবাদ

In love

In love
-- woman
You invited me to a cafe
In Italian language
You sweet-talked me
-- man
You, who think of me in every way
At home, at school, on a trolley car
-- woman
A violin, for us, played solo in soft light
And weightless seemed the night
I found you and lost you
It's not my fault, not my fault, not my fault I was
In love, in love, in love
-- man
I was the top man in our company
And with the most beautiful girl
I said: "Woman, you're mine"
-- woman
But there is so little happiness in life
And "yes" is somewhere far away
-- man
You, with your kind of innocent look
You, who can read my mind
Without you I'd be nothing
It's not my fault, not my fault, not my fault I was
In love, in love, in love
-- woman
I remember warm wind from the mountains
Scent of roses and tender look
Italian night by the sea
-- man
And then, though hidden, my soul
Was able to feel that you're mine
-- woman
Don't promise anything
Don't come to say goodbye
Our life is but a game
And we are like children, children, like children
In love, in love, in love
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Кто-то кутуньо, а кто-то и нет.

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The source lyrics have been updated. Please review your translation.

barsiscevbarsiscev    মঙ্গল, 22/01/2019 - 20:53

Ещё один шедевр - отклик на песню "Итальяно"
"Каждый настоящий итальяно
Постоянно пьяно-пьяно,
Как настройщик фортепьяно."