Mettakhda Min El-Ayam | متاخدة من الأيام (ইংরেজী অনুবাদ)


Mettakhda Min El-Ayam | متاخدة من الأيام

متاخده من الايام وخايفه اشوفه صدفه
اجري عليه والا اخاف مبقتش عارفه
ظلمته ولا ظلمني انا مبقتش شايفه
غير ان البعد كان اريح كتير من القرب
جوا الحاجات الحلوه ميت مليون وجع
كان طابعه قاسي لاكنه برضو كان جدع
في حضنه قولت كلام معرفش اقوله تاني
متلخبطه والف حاجه مخوفاني
اروحله ولا اسيبه ولا افضل مكاني
مخدناش منه يا قلبي الا وجع القلب
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I'm taken away from days*

I'm taken away from days*, and i'm scared of seeing him by coincidence
Should i run to him or should i be scared, i dont know
Did i hurt him or did he hurt me, i dont see anything
Other than separation is easier than being together
Inside all good things, there are 100 million pains
He was rude but he was still a gentleman
In his arms, I said things i can't say again (to anyone else)
Im confused and 1000 things worry me
Should I go to him or let him go or stay where i am
Oh my heart! We didn't take anything from him except heart's pain
*I'm taken away from days - like I can't feel myself these days and I feel absentminded.
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