Cristo te odia (ইংরেজী অনুবাদ)


Jesus hates you

You don't have any money
You owe a month of rent
They fired you yesterday
And your woman left you
And you run to the church
And start praying
Begging to the virgin
For a miracle to save you
And the flu is about to defeat you
Waiting for the 506 bus line
And the TV pastor waves at you without seeing
From the Mercedes Benz
Jesus hates you
You eat rats and sworms
You live in a filthy ranch
But how pretty the Vatican
Where there's no slums.
And your tenth son was born
who you'll not be able to raise
Because it wasn't a christian thing
To use birth control methods
And you didn't want to see the doctor
And the miracle didn't heal your hernia
And you see the doctor hugging the pastor
Who operated his hernia with your money
Jesus hates you
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Cristo te odia

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