Tocotronic - Die Neue Seltsamkeit (ইংরেজী অনুবাদ)

ইংরেজী অনুবাদ

New Strangeness

They told me now was the time
That strangeness would come
And that everything that used to be
Suddenly would cease to be
Even before the break of dawn
Scattered voices can be heard
Saying they are not sure
But they would definitely participate
They say don't know when and how it's gonna happen
And whether they will win or lose
But they saved some money for reasons of precaution
And canceled their Thursday appointment at the club
They say they're not opposed to leading a different life
But that they're sitting on a fence
They claim it's difficult to adapt to such sudden change
The dog needs to be cared for, after all
They say in some places it started quite some time ago
When they were walking there years ago
Back then they didn't know what it was
But they had a feeling things were getting in motion here and there
But it wasn't just specific places where they felt it
Also at specific times during the day
During the hour after sunset
They knew change was underway
They say, in all honesty
They didn't want to see what they see now
And only subconsciously noticed
That something was spreading, something was happening
And only now they can't avoid
Admitting that something is off
The signs are getting clearer, the time is now
A kind of strangeness is coming
And I'm lying in bed and have to admit
I feel very much like turning over once more
Outside where night meets daylight
Something seems to be going on, something that is affecting me as well
Translations (c) by me, permission for use on and private "fair use" cases granted.
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