does wonders

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Meanings of "does wonders"


to have a beneficial effect, to work quickly or unexpectedly.

Also: work wonders, do wonders

Going for a walk will do wonders for your health.

That color looks good on you, it does wonders for your complexion.

This new soap works wonders on getting out stains.

Explained by Sarah RoseSarah Rose on শুক্র, 19/04/2019 - 21:18
Explained by Sarah RoseSarah Rose

গানে "does wonders"

Samuel Harfst - The Privilege to be

Hour after hour,
Day after day.
The LORD still does wonders even today,
Hour after hour,

DaBen - Better for us

and you think different, our thoughts are not the same
That's a soft spot but for me it's the reason
I believe in God but not that he does wonders
Nothing will be good, believe me, you and me doesn't work

Liviu Teodorescu - You're a Song

So simple that I can't figure you out.
And you are not enchanted,
But your touch does wonders,
Just your touch.

Ben 10 (OST) - Ben 10 Intro

Everything starts with a watch bind to his hand
That anytime does wonders that not everybody likes
As much as they want on this world no one can pass him

Tanzwut - Descent Into Hell

Write it with blood
And you will see
that it does wonders

Enrico Macias - A ray of sunshine

A ray of sunshine in the early morning,
it does wonders, as do all magicians,
a ray of sunshine caresses my shutters

Sarit Hadad - Vebat Elai (ובאת אליי) and you came to me

you know all
does wonders
you are the great,the great

Myah - Bad Influence

Champagne bottles in my hands
As my mind wanders
Time does wonders
Rumors break like thunder

Tanz der Vampire (Musical) - Garlic

He does wonders!
He does wonders!
He does wonders!

Richie Furay - Wake Up My Soul

Wake Up My Soul...

I will cry to my God who does wonders
Under the shadow of Your wings will I hide

Robin and The Backstabbers - Miracle iguana

Let's sell everything
Shame does wonders
We let behind

Cradle of Filth - Mistress From The Sucking Pit

Swim wide across the room
This night, espied, your thin disguise
Does wonders for the sundered gloom
For all lit up the shades retreat