Don't waste your breath

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"Don't waste your breath" এর ইডিত্তম্যাটিক অনুবাদ

Abbaiare alla luna
Nefesini boş yere harcama
Не си хаби думите
No gastes tu aliento

Meanings of "Don't waste your breath"


Telling someone that they are wasting their time and words as they can not change what is happening/has happened.

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Explained by JoannaPJoannaP

গানে "Don't waste your ..."

Gao Jin - There are too many people

Perhaps you really mind
What other people say
Don't waste your breath, there is no one
who can understand your character

Dinah Jane - Heard It All Before

What you say won’t change the way I feel
'Cause I’ve fallen outta love
Wish I could take back the time I killed
Three years running up behind you

The Shin Sekaï - Leave it

Only need to ha-hate
When the guys from Paris arrive
Don't waste your breath
We can't take it all

Kontra K - Elevate

Many bros go in, out, in, out, we just wanna
El-e-vate, hold your head above the water, sister
Lets go, go, go, don't waste your breath on fools<fn>to talk senseless</fn>, make something better instead<fn>rather, make it better</fn>
De-press-ing like champange from a plastic cup<fn>cups</fn>

While She Sleeps - Four Walls

No silence, watching death is how we live
Take it or leave it
Don't waste your breath
I clear my mind, deny real life, define "here"

Dinah Washington - Nobody Knows The Way I Feel This Morning

And don't come home till mornin'

Don't waste your breath by fussin' at him
Just maul him on the head with your rollin' pin

Emicida - Your Eminence, the Black

Black people do not cry, we stand up
We do not beg, instead we pawn this white flag
Don't waste your breath with morons, it's useless
Focus and pay attention

Nothing More - Sex & Lies

You always pass the blame so well, dear
Save your tears
Don't waste your breath
You've said it all

Elokuu - Rowing, Towing

Hurting you, killing you with suspicious feelings
The future may hold whatever I don't care
Don't waste your breath for something that ain't there
Whatever you leave behind you leave for a reason

Simple Plan - Your Love Is a Lie

So don't try to say you're sorry
Or try to make it right
Don't waste your breath because it's too late, it's too late.

Zaho - Fool

I don’t want any fool in my life (4x)

My heart is a jewelry if I offer it
You won’t have the code of the box

Stick to Your Guns - Fashion or Fascist

What’s with all the starring?
Why are you so worried about what they’re wearing?
You care more about their hair
Then understanding

Agora Fidelio - White Flag

All those wasted breaths,
I made them fly away[fn]Those two lines are a bit difficult to translate. "C'est peine perdue" is an idiom meaning "Don't waste your breath", but "peine perdue" is never used outside of this idiom. And the second line is literally "I flew them away".[/fn]
Like praising to the skies

Hey Monday - How You Love Me Now

Your reasons and "please-just-take-me-backs"
We never were right
Don't waste your breath
You crashed and you're on your own tonight

NOFX - Vegetarian Mumbo Jumbo

For eating chicken of the sea?

Don't waste your breath yelling at me,
About animal rights,

Backstreet Boys - Something That I Already Know

So save your voice
Don't waste your breath
Can't you see we're at the end

JVG - What do ya know about it

But what do ya know about all those silly stupid caps
Don't waste your breath now
No international finger signs or you're out

Borgeous - Over The Edge

Don't hold back, just give it a try
We're here right now
Don't waste your breath, gotta live it loud

We Are The Ocean - Nothing Good Has Happened Yet

Let me in from the rain,
Don’t you let me go again
Let the water run down my face

For All Those Sleeping - Mark My Words

Don't tell me you're sorry
Because I know, oh I know you're not
Don't waste your breath on me
I won't hold mine