Du Nich (ইংরেজী অনুবাদ)

ইংরেজী অনুবাদ (commented)

You Ain't

I can stay under water for 2 minutes without having to breathe, you ain't
I've found an impression of a dinosaur at the beach, you ain't
I've painted all the walls at home first black, then green, you ain't
I have over 100 phone numbers and passwords in my mind, you ain't
I've clandestinely built a ropeway to the house on the other side, you ain't
I have a budgie which, when visitors come, says "visitors come", you ain't
I have magnetic piercings, which always point to the north, you ain't
I have a genuine Spirit of Ecstasy1 on my VW Golf, you ain't
Me yes, you no – Me great, you small
Me strong, you weak – Me awesome, you ole
Me wild, you tame – Me swift, you lame
Me Ja, you Nein – Me penthouse, you loo
I've picked out all harmonies of Kiss on my own, you ain't
I've found 44 dollars on the street a week ago, you ain't
I can ride faster than you on my bike....er...you ain't
I'm a direct descendant of Leonardo da Vinci's cook – you ain't
I'm the fourth best cherry pit spitter of Köpenick2, you ain't
I have a video of Star Trek 7 with director's comments, you ain't
I know someone who knows someone who knew Napoleon, you ain't
I recognise a drowned body's time of death by taste, you ain't
Me yes, you no – Me great, you small
Me start, you stop – Me top, you flop
Me high, you low – Me straight, you askew
Me rich, you poor – Me hot, you only warm
Me yes, you no – Me stallion, you pig
Me cigar, you cigarette
Me boot, you sandal
Me there, you gone – Me muscle, you fat
Me hard, you soft – Me colourful, you pale
Me win, you lose – Me apple, you sauce
Me recht, you falsch – Me King, you Kong
Me dancing, you limping – Me scenting, you stinking
Me striding, you hobbling – Me good friends, you only acquaintances3
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Du Nich

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