El último hombre en la Tierra (ইংরেজী অনুবাদ)

ইংরেজী অনুবাদ

The last man on Earth

I loved to wait for you at the bottom of the platform,
I loved to look at you leaving the train,
I loved to see you running to me,
I loved to hide and make you suffering,
I loved to go out with no tack,
To discover the city,
To discover each other.
I loved your sidereal-witch look,
your silence, your voice, your animal glance.
I loved to make you whimpering and crying
and after a second to go back on this.
I loved drinking and eating,
not to think what to say or to do.
Each minute, each endless second,
I loved to talk about your previous life,
to find out that you felt the same I felt.
All your men had fallen to abyss,
to abyss...
I loved your fears
of a frightened little girl.
Always dreaming that one day I
escape, and it never happened.
I loved to see you tremble,
I loved to see you doubt,
I loved to be the last man on Earth,
on Earth...
Larala, laralá
Larala, laralá
Larala, laralá
Larala, laralá
Lalará, lalara, lará....
Ccalf98Ccalf98 দ্বারা বৃহস্পতি, 14/02/2019 - 01:44 তারিখ সাবমিটার করা হয়

El último hombre en la Tierra

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