El empleado y la muerte (ইংরেজী অনুবাদ)


The Employee and Death

[Death]: This is the death who comes to look for you
[Barrancas]: I don't think so
[Death]: He's looking for you all over Uruguay
[Barrancas]: I can't
[Barrancas]: Right now I was going to pay the gass bill
And tomorrow I have to work
I've already took the month rest
So no way I'm gonna miss the job
Now I have to pay the rent
And also the water heater instalement
I can't leave like that without warning
If I die now they'll kill me
[Death]: It's time we have to go
[Barrancas]: Good bye
[Death]: Enought with jokes It's your time to die
[Barrancas]: I don't want
[Barrancas]: They're broadcasting the match on TV
[Death]: Your heart is stopping
[Barrancas]: But I have a lot to organize
[Death]: Now you just have to relax
[Death]: Through the black tunnel you're going to the light
[Barrancas]: Oh!, The light bill! Get me out of the coffin!
[Death]: Tomorrow the fourty-seven will come. We have to go.
[Barrancas]: I don't want to die!
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El empleado y la muerte

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