El hormiguero (ইংরেজী অনুবাদ)

ইংরেজী অনুবাদ

El Homiguero (The Anthill)

Here come the ants
We are conquering enemy lands
Invisible, silent and simultaneous
All the invasion is underground
Without shooting into the air, without firing missiles,
Without having to kill people using projectiles
We fight the war without using rifles
We go block by block like bricklayers
A couple cowboys have tried to stop us
But the anthill is already built
We are many brothers with many cousins
The family is large because we do reproduce
We take the place of the cowboy in his offices
Because we work full time and with no tip
We are not welcome
But we enter however we can, we sting you and we punish you
When you are least paying attention the ants trick you
They attack as a team just like piranhas
Although small, thanks to the union
All together become a truck
Poor cowboy who underestimates us
When he falls asleep, the colony gets over him
That's why the cowboys in all corners
We have them eating Latin food
You want war? [x14]
Ants can face any giant
They enter through the trunk of any elephant
They make them collapse without any blood splashing
Formic acid, so it stings them
Don't be too confident if the bite does not burn you now
The burning of the bite, you will feel it later
Even if you have cowboy boots and hat
There are many ants and just a few cowboys
The humble people ate the nobles
By 2020 we will be double,
Here there is no racism, it is not about race
If I work here, well, here I have my house
Being impartial, that is what it's all about
We have to share all the candy of the piñata
But if the cowboy mistreats us
It could be the ants will react like Zapata
As a team, any setback is resolved
When we sting you, we all sting at the same time
There should be no questions about our unity
When facing danger, ants die together
You want war [x8]
A sleeping country is a deserted country
My government gets scared when I wake up
You can even throw at me your federals (FBI)
We are 600 million without counting the illegals
Between the legs I never hide my tail
I prefer to die as a rebel than to live as a slave
I bet your people will surrender first
Because my soldiers do not fight for money
I'm not afraid of confrontations
Because I grew up among invasions
And just like the ants, if I have bad luck
I defend my anthill to death
You want war [x21]
Let's face off to see who is tougher!
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i would love some help with the myriad of other languages featured in the chorus

i heard french, italian, portuguese and german


El hormiguero

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