El primer oriental desertor (ইংরেজী অনুবাদ)


The first oriental deserter

I've heard on Radio Clarin
that Brazil invaded Uruguay
and the announcer asserts
that they've taken Tacuarembó.
And they want the guys
of my age to recruit
to send them to fight
and I say "please no, my general".
I'm a coward for war things
and Napoleon wasn't my hero
it wouldn't be a dishonor
to be the first oriental deserter
War is something new
because I don't give a damn about the homeland,
I just want to live freely
I don't care about what flag is in Plaza Cagancha.
Stop bothering me
you won't conquer me
not even in the militar dictatorship
I ever yelled "Tyrants: Tremble". 1
About Artigas the only thing I have
is the wish of moving to Paraguay
with the first black man over there
I'll be the first oriental deserter.
That cartoon of "The 33"2
only a scholar or a militar believes it
so go to another theatre
I'm not thinking to be the 34th.
And if there's no other choice
but "Freedom or Death"
I'll pick the "or"
I'll be the first oriental deserter.
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Oriental (Eastern) is a demonym for Uruguayans


El primer oriental desertor

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