Ephyra - No Prisoners

  • শিল্পী: Ephyra
  • এলবাম: Journey (2013)

No Prisoners

Your hands
are shaking,
the walls will not
protect you
Your hearts
are frozen
and every hope
is in vain.
From the
Ephyra’s kingdom
Here’s the invader
Thousand of
cruel warriors,
Black dragons
and trolls
So the battle begins!
The bloodshed starts!
Conquer or die!
No prisoners allowed!!
Terror flies
on black wings
Bullets of fire
burn the air!
Fearful screams
rumble everywhere
Legions are marching
towards you!
An huge ram
With demon’s head
Crashes the gate
Enemies are in!
Fight for life
On inner walls,
on battlements
but it is too useless!!
So everyone inside!
Break the enemy lines!
Unleash your fury!
No prisoners allowed!!
For one killed,
one hundred comes
A bloody river
You can’t stop!
There’s no
honor or glory
just destruction
for you!
The battle is
In throne room now
Royal guards are
The last hope!
Last defense
Is falling now
Your king is dead
Go away!
The enemy is defeated!
The Kingdom is ours!
Kill the survivors!
No prisoners allowed!!
Bow to our power
Death walking with us!
You have no future when
our shields obscure your sun.
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