Febrero (ইংরেজী অনুবাদ)

ইংরেজী অনুবাদইংরেজী


A few lights on
impossible vows in the bar
a Blues song that quiets and those eyes
I just cried over
I'd like for you to come closer for a moment
I'd like for you to stop right away
nothing will happen to you I don't bite
only come right away
there are looks that deceive you
some are true
and killer black eyes
that in February are shinier than the sun
and today me without them I won't go
all the time thinking
I'd like to steal [back]
all the time thinking
no longer can I wait
Ever since I found you I've been looking at you
Don't stop looking at me, you too
I understand you a bit not just anyone would
stand up
He left his glass at the bar
Bit by bit he stopped looking at me
smiling, he slowly approached
but he went with him?!!!
I want to be reborn
for someone to explain to me
how those lovely eyes
ended upon leaving the bar
with the handsomest at the place
the whole day thinking
how could it have happened?
the whole day searching
who will explain it to me?
he went with him
we lose and we win, girl
but? he went with him
they're different lovers, queen??
you'll be the sweetest candy, but that heart
chooses the front sidewalk
I wanted it for me
it's a sincere love, and with the same fears
and choosing is living
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