fill the gap

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Meanings of "fill the gap"


To assist on a temporary basis, to serve temporarily.

Explained by SchnurrbratSchnurrbrat on বুধ, 11/09/2019 - 20:03
Explained by SchnurrbratSchnurrbrat

গানে "fill the gap"

Ninho - Gold

[Verse 1]
A few broken hearts, but money is there to fill the gap
Circumstances are mitigating

amazarashi - Monster

I keep telling these lies.

If they're trifling delusions meant to fill the gap between our ideals and our reality,
then maybe lies are inevitable for us, being so weak.

REOL - Mede:mede-JJJ Remix-

I'll dissolve in tomorrow's life
Even if the sound can't change anything
It will be a song, that'll fill the gap

Christos Menidiatis - It can't be

thoughts that I cannot avoid.
I might find another lover someday
in order to fill the gap you left me
but keep in your mind that you will never find

Radiodervish - The image of you

Notte che già scioglie i vincoli
I show my pain to the wind
I fill the gap with the symbols
While you run away from me

Of Monsters and Men - We Sink

As I sink into the open sea
Color in my sheltered mind
Fill the gap between you and I

Katatonia - Serein

Through the evening
Where our wisdom turns to rust
Fill the gap with lost integrity
I become the one you haven't seen for years

Ferdi Tayfur - Agla yuregim

you cannot comfort me
no one else can understand me
fill the gap you have left with me
no soul can endure this longing.

883 - Heaps

(To fill the emptiness within us)
Heaps of your fucks
(To fill the gap in your fucks)
Heaps of stuff and swords

Isleym - I Need Wings

Mommy vainly dries her tears and she waits for me
The one who suffered a lot
I never made it to fill the gap that father left me
But there's worse, so I don't count my mistakes

Eleftheria Arvanitaki - Don't swear

A crack has opened between us
Don't speak
Words don't fill the gap for us
Don't say you love me

Die Lassie Singers - Chartbreaker

A stupid word from number 3
And the top 10 was over for him
We were looking desperately to fill the gap
We didn't find anyone but then came the sensation

Five Finger Death Punch - Stranger Than Fiction

You're born alone, you die alone
The rest is yours to fill the gap
The world goes on without you here

Los Pasados - Cold Life

the correct way that they supposedly found
But the betrayed by their own eyes
Money can't fill the gap

Sonja Aldén - You May Not

Without showing me your goal *
And you may not steal from my goodness,
In order to fill the gap **