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যোগদান: 07.06.2019
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Anyone can help me with the transcription of songs that I've posted 2 weeks ago, I don't understand very well the voice so I can't do it myself. In my profile page you can see the songs.

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যোগদান: 17.03.2018

Welcome to LT!

I saw you already made requests for those lyrics. Probably you link the requests and then it's easier to attract more users to do transcriptions. It's a good beginning but you still have to wait for them.

This request made a opposite way, please fix it.
Artist: Goodbye To The Good Times.........> Mark Free
Song: Mark Free........................................> Goodbye To The Good Times

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যোগদান: 05.04.2013

However, you only opened those requests only one week ago. Please, wait at least a couple of weeks before coming to the forum and ask for help.
If you haven't already, I invite you to read through our rules and FAQ.

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