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যোগদান: 27.03.2015
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Hi everyone! I tried to translate this:
but I have some doubt about the accuracy of the text. I found several sites with these lyrics: all the same, included typing errors like: “soliloguy”, or “but (she) doesn't know why”. I think that they have been copied one another.
I am asking, particularly to native speakers, or those who at least have a good skill in English, and a good ear as well: try to understand what they REALLY say in the third stanza:

“Rome now comes to sit in her garden” (???)
It has no meaning for me.
If it helps, I hear something like:
“ ‘Round has come to sit in her garden”, that make more sense to me. But It should be ”has come around “: the words seem to be in a wrong place. Or maybe could be a poetic form or something alike?
Thanks in advance for your help!

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যোগদান: 18.10.2015

Hi, Annabellana!

The video you submitted is an earlier pilot recording as you can understand from the introductory explanation. Line 8 is different. I think the singer forgot the line or wasn't sure about it. He mumbles "She's lost in the whine", there is a later version of this line "As she tells in the whine" It correlates with the ongoing line "Hard are the words...." But the final option is what you see in the album lyrics "She doesn't know why" So I had to change the video where you can hear that.

About Rome. This line is different in the pilot recording. It went "Rome has come to sit in her garden" The final version is what you see in the lyrics now. The meaning of this is simple - The memory of Rome (where she had a romance) comes to her. Everything proves that - "a room with a view", "sotto voce" etc.

Hope it helps. Regular smile

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যোগদান: 11.10.2014

I think the first word in the third stanza could be "Home", the rest seems to be as in the lyrics: quite a clear "now", not "has".
It's not easy to work out what the first 2 lines are intended to mean, the tune effectively destroys all stres patterns that might have helped understand it and also does nothing to put pauses in the right places and not in the wrong place. I suspect it actually means "Home now, she comes...." but I don't hear that "she". Just wonder if it's just shortened till it's not heard; (after all, "the" between "Like" and "leaves" in the first stanza is shortened nearly to that point.
soliloguy in the second stanza needs q instead of g.
In the last stanza, the "Is" before "Lingering" shouldn't be there - it's not on the video (and would be ludicrously bad English if it was there).

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Here is a booklet from King Crimson's album "THRAK":
It contains the words of the song "Inner Garden"

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Many thanks to you all! Actually, I had thought about the possibility that Rome were a place where she had lived a love story. But, for what I know, "Camera con vista" is set in Florence(not in Rome!) and, about "sottovoce" I know that all sylistic and agogic indication in music scores are written in Italian, so I put that hypothesis aside. Now your informations make me understand it has been a mistake. The text definitely says "Roma". Thanks!

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