What are considered "official" lyrics sources?

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যোগদান: 20.05.2018
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I occasionally run into a song whose lyrics are way off, as if the person was just transcribing by ear and mostly guessing. If there's no official lyric video, what sites can I use to prove to the moderators what the real lyrics are without it becoming a he said/she said?

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Genius might be as close as you can get. Sometimes, at least worth more popular artists, the lyrics get verified by the artists themselves. They also tend to be a bit better than some other lyrics sites I’ve found, but of course, they’re not perfect.

Edit: There is, of course, the option of buying a physical copy of the album and using the lyric book.

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I have also seen people on this site attempt to contact the artist on social media in order to verify lyrics. But I’ve never done it myself so I don’t know if that’s successful or not.

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যোগদান: 31.03.2012

I've been one of those people who have contacted artists on social media and they've replied and provided me with the lyrics (translations too if I'm lucky). Often times I'll buy either the physical copy or a digital one (like iTunes) or similar sites that provide the booklet. You can also google the album + booklet and you might be lucky and find it in Images.

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I contact the artists. Sometimes with success. Do it!🌈🦄

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যোগদান: 05.04.2012

I often use the artist's website, when they have a 'Lyrics' section (I actually hate it when they don't). I also tend to look at booklets (which are at least 95% accurate). I'm not brave enough to contact an artist online, Tongue smile

BTW, a tip - a complement to what phantasmagoria said. There's a Brazilian blog on booklets. If you want, Google '(album title) (artist name) encarte' and you might find it, if you're lucky.

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যোগদান: 16.02.2011

Normally I use the booklet (discogs has many scans) or the artist's website to get to official lyrics. But those are not in all cases reliable.

Regarding Genius, fairly good source but I also have seen big mistakes there.

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যোগদান: 04.05.2019

Pretty much the same...
I tend to add lyrics from
There are a lot of verified accounts and pretty often you can find even the meaning of the songs, explained by the artists themselves. (verified accounts are the one who have a green circle around the photo profile and there are also videos on YouTube about verified lyrics:
Recently, artists add the official lyrics in the description box under their YouTube videos. So, that's another source.
You can also find official lyrics on artists websites or even in the website of the label record (Pretty common in K-pop)
And of course, booklet from the physical album (I always check from there)

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যোগদান: 14.10.2016

Sometimes the lyrics can be found on YouTube in the description, or a commenter will have added them in a comment.
There are some specific sites for songs in certain languages, i.e., for Greek songs, but for general purposes A-Z Lyrics has worked well for me in the past.

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যোগদান: 05.04.2012

Ah, regarding YT, some videos now have lyrics as subtitles. Just enable that feature. I remember finding the lyrics to at least 1 song using that.

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যোগদান: 30.04.2014

I like this site, too:

I also contacted an artist once, when we had a hard time to transcribe a song and got the official lyrics from her.

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