Transcript 'Σούστα Σορωνής Ρόδου' by 'Γιάννης Κλαδάκης'

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যোগদান: 17.08.2015
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I couldn't find the lyrics online so I requested the lyrics a year ago without any luck. I'm not sure if is standard Greek (doesn't sound like it) but it would be great if someone could transcript the song.

Ευχαριστώ πολύ.

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যোগদান: 01.07.2018

As I understand, the real title of this song is "Κρητικός - Мпωνιάτικη Σούστα" (because its length is 4:20).

Sousta is the name of a dance, and Kritikos refers to Crete, but « Boniatiki » refers to the village of Embonas, on the island of Rhodes. So I guess that « kritikos » pictures the style of the song ?

Yannis Kladakis (Γιάννης Κλαδάκης) is a singer and musician for traditional music from Rhodes and the Dodecanese, born on Rhodes.

Sorry that I couldn't find more information about it.

P.S. True, it's probably some dialect.

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