[SOLVED] Please translate this Romanian song...

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Hi I really need to understand meaning of this song. Can someone please translate ?

Raluka - Ieri Erai

Ti-am dat cam tot nu aveai nimic
Si acum ma ai ti-am pastrat loc
Dar nu ai avut curaj sa stai
Te las sa alegi intre bine si rau
Stiu ca tu esti si al ei si al meu
Dar cand te intorci, te primesc in patul meu

Erai, azi nu mai esti
Erai ca in povesti
Erai si ma aveai
Eram, erai

Ce vrei sa zici cand taci si ma privesti atent
Cand ma atingi nu esti cu mine esti absent
Si te-am iertat, chiar daca imi era greu
Ziua esti al ei si noaptea al meu
As da orice sa fie noapte mereu

Erai, azi nu mai esti
Erai ca in povesti
Erai si ma aveai
Eram, erai

Lectia de ieri e ca inima mea nu minte
Ca vrei sau nu, ea tot imi spune ce simte
Si cat as vrea nu pot sa mi te scot din minte
Inima e rece, sarutul mult prea fierbinte

Eram, erai.

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Raluka - Yesterday you are

I gave you enithing you when you dont have nothing
And now you've got my place
But you didn't have the courage to stay
I let you choose between good and bad
I know you are her and mine
But when you get back, I get you in my bed

You are, today you are not
You are like a stories
You were and you had me
I was, you are

What do you mean when you shut up and watch me carefully
When you touch me you are not with me you are absent
And I forgave you, even though it was hard for me
You are her day and my night
I would give everything to be night always

You were, today you are not
You were like stories
You were and you had me
I was, you were
Yesterday's lesson is that my heart does not lie
Whether you like it or not, she still tells me how she feels
And as much as I wish I could not get you out of my mind
The heart is cold, the kiss is too hot

I was, you were.

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