please translate this text int frensh or english

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যোগদান: 25.04.2012
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Kürt'üm dedim
hadi lan bölücü dediler.
Laz'ım dedim
hadi lan devşirme Rum dediler.
Çerkes'im dedim
hain Ethem'in torunları dediler.
Alevi'yim dedim
dinsiz kızılbaşlar dediler.
Ezidi'yim dedim
Yezid'in pis soyu dediler.
Arap'ım dedim
pis yobazlar dediler.
Ben dedikçe onlar da bir şeyler dedi.
İnsanım diyecektim ama,
insanlığa ait her şeyi yok ettiler..

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When I said that I'm a Kurd
"Off with you, man, you separatist" they said
When I said that I'm a Lazi
"Off with you, man, you converted Greek" they said
When I said that I'm a Cherkessian
"Off with you, man, you grandsons of traitor Ethem" they said
When I said that I'm an Alewi
"You irreligious Qizilbash" they said (Kizil = Red / Bash = Head)
When I said that I'm a Yazidi
"You descendants of dirty Yazid" they said
When I said that I'm an Arap
"You dirty puritan/bigot" they said
Each time when I said something, they too said something back
I was going to say that I'm a humanbeing but
they annihilated everything belonged to the mankind...
Bazi yerlerde dogru kelime secimi yapamamis olabilirim.


The text is not completely given...
And there is a special reason for that...
When you read the text without the first two lines (they are not given above), you can easly but wrongly understand that the address of the text is Turkish people, so I would say that it's a political text and too aggresive with the given view above.
And it's a disrespect to author - Kazım Koyuncu.

So, here the first two lines of the original text:

"Türküm dedim
Hadi lan faşist dediler".

So, please Meralina, could you translate the first line of the text too; or you will leave it for someone else? Never mind, I will try myself (with your genre), because I don't trust your objectivity when the theme about Turkey or Turkish people.

"When I said that I'm Turkish
Off with you, man, you are fascit they said".

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