Can I see a list of "proofreading requested" songs in English?

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যোগদান: 27.11.2017
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I know that I can request proofreading after writing a translation in Spanish, because I often do so.

Do these show up in a list somewhere, similar to translation requests and transcription requests? I in fact get notified about translation requests between my target languages.

I'm guessing the number of people requesting proofreading is huge, because typing in a foreign language without feedback is helpful, but getting feedback is strictly more helpful.

Thank you.

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যোগদান: 14.10.2016

I did a bit of searching, and the only thing akin to that is an option you can check on the 'Translations' page when searching for a translation that says 'Proofreading requested'. So you may be able to do it for specific to-->from combinations.

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