How to add an artist?

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You can get this kind of information from the "Frequently Asked Questions" as the following:

2.2 How do I add an artist?
Please use the search first, to check whether the artist you're looking for already has a page.

New artists are added automatically by the system when you open a page with their song.
If you wish to add a song by an artist that’s not already present, then go to Actions->Add new song. Write the artist’s name and click Ok. You can add some information about them (country, genre, original name, website and wiki), and later on, after submitting the song, you can even add a picture of them.

Please note that the name of the artist should be written in Latin script (Transliterated), even when their original name is written with a different alphabet. In order to make it available in the search in the respective language, please add the original writing of their name in the “Original name” field.

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