[SOLVED] Merging duplicates and changing artists

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যোগদান: 17.08.2015
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I don't know where to report this, but I seem to find duplicates of the same song on LT. For example:,

And also, this is a song by Lakis Pappas, so is it possible to change the status of this artist? Right now, it states that he 'also performed it'


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যোগদান: 07.07.2014

This is not a duplication.
It is allowed to post cover versions.

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যোগদান: 17.08.2015

But the lyrics are 100% the same? Wouldn't it be better to merge them both with Lakís Pappás as the artist?

যোগদান: 16.01.2013

No. Even if the lyrics are exactly the same. People search for artists and it's important who sings. Very often covers are much more popular than the original versions and some covers more than the rest.

On the other hand, if somebody posts the copied translation of a cover/original it will be unpublished, because duplicated translations are not allowed.

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যোগদান: 17.08.2015

Just to be sure, when would I use the "also peformed by" then?

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যোগদান: 26.10.2015

I think the idea is that "also performed by" links to artists with cover versions for reference, but does not mean those shouldn't be added individually.
Especially since cover versions often differ, if only by a single word.

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