Requesting already existing songs

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যোগদান: 24.08.2012
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Recently I've completed a transcription request and it came out that this song by this exact artist had already existed on the site. I wonder, whether LT has the feature to check is the song in or not. Obviously, the user who wants to do a request should figure it out first. But if this step is missed, and the translator also doesn't expect anything strange, I suppose there should exist some notification at the end of the process of publishing a request. And also when the song was performed by another artist but has the same lyrics, I think there must be something for the translator, when it becomes clear that the lyrics match, like "you don't need to waste your time, check out this one (with a link)"

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When users try to add a song manually and if the title is similar to a song already on an artist's page it will notify you that the song is already there and therefore you cannot continue adding the song. I think I'd be a good idea for adding transcription requests to keep the duplicate songs to a minimum.

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