Gånglåt från Sörgården (ইংরেজী অনুবাদ)

ইংরেজী অনুবাদ

Marching tune from Sörgården

The world is not the same any longer,
suddenly everything is completely upside down.
White has become black and right has become wrong,
one feels completely confused;
Who is the one who gains from it?
Now it is over for old ideas,
Now it is over for Lenin and Marx.
Now it is ugly to be a communist
and soon it's ugly to be a socialist;
Who is the one who gains from it?
Now we are all brothers,
both in the east and west.
Then we can annex them,
only if they be liberals;
And who is the one who gains from it?
Now we can export everything,
now there is no hindrance.
So give them drugs,
AIDS, and pornography!
The wheel shall turn, the profits go up;
Labor is in abundance,
If we have an invasion from the east
so it is said it will be fights about jobs;
And who is the one gains from it?
Gradually we will have
two different groups of people:
One group which obeys
and one that no one will have.
Here in Sweden it is calm,
here we are like one family
Here it is finished with strikes and fractions,
for the wages are constant,
and the tax is the same for all;
Who is the one who gains from it?
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Björn Afzelius write the following about this song:

"Sången skrevs vid Berlinmurens fall. Allt skulle bli så bra, om bara nyliberlismen fick härja fritt. Det blev inte så. Klassklyftorna, korruptionen och brottsligheten i Östeuropa blev snabbt långt värre än i Väst. Och nu stänger vi snart ute dem som vi unnade ett liv i frihet - Östeuropéerna. Annars tar de kanske våra jobb, säjer vi"

"The song was written during the fall of the Berlin Wall. Everything would be good, if only the neoliberalism was allowed to prevail. It did not happen. Class fissures, corruption and crime in Eastern Europe soon became far worse than in the west, And now we soon close out those who we begrudged a life in freedom - Eastern Europe. Otherwise they may take our jobs, we say."

Thanks to Maria Strand for her help editing this translation.


Gånglåt från Sörgården

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