Gears of War (OST) - The History of Sera

  • শিল্পী: Gears of War (OST)
  • ফিচারিং শিল্পী: Carolyn Seymour
  • এলবাম: Gears of War 2

The History of Sera

It began, as always, with the desire for power.
A need to conquer,
A hunger to consume.
Inevitably, this led to conflict.
Humanity fought an endless battle against itself,
Until it was forced to unite against a power...
Far greater than it had ever known.
But even united, Humanity left only destruction in its wake.
Despite their best efforts at survival,
The Humans of Sera continue to march blindly to their imminent doom;
Unaware, that their misguided attempts at retaliation were only leading them ever closer to extinction.
They had thought us crippled by their weapons of mass destruction.
But to survive is to endure and prosper.
And we have most certainly survived.
Jacinto now stands as the last bastion of Humanity.
A final, desperate defense in the face of impossible odds.
In a way, I pity them.
But Humanity, as always, brought this war upon itself!
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Narrated by Queen Myrrah (a.k.a. Carolyn Seymour)



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