Gordon Lightfoot - Early Morning Rain


Early Morning Rain

In the early mornin' rain,
With a dollar in my hand,
With an achin' in my heart,
And my pockets full of sand.
I'm a long way from home
And I miss my loved ones so.
In the early mornin' rain
With no place to go.
Out on runway number nine
Big seven-o-seven1 set to go.
But I'm stuck here in the grass
Where the cold wind a-blows.
Now the liquor tasted good
And the women all were fast.
Well there she goes, my friend,
Well she's rollin' down at last.
Hear the mighty engines roar.
See the silver bird on high.
She's away and westward bound.
Far above the clouds she'll fly,
Where the mornin' rain don't fall
And the sun always shines.
She'll be flyin' over my home
In about three hours' time.
This old airport's got me down.
It's no earthly good to me
'Cause I'm stuck here on the ground
As cold and drunk as I can be.
You can't jump a jet plane
Like you can a freight train.
So I'd best be on my way
In the early mornin' rain.
You can't jump a jet plane
Like you can a freight train.
So I'd best be on my way
In the early mornin' rain.
  • 1. Boeing 707 jet, no longer in common service
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I created this transcription from a mixture of memory, the lyrics printed in the booklet that came with the CD, and listening carefully to the song off the CD. The CD is from a German label named Bear Family Records, BCD 15576. Near as I can tell, the CD was released in 1991. It consists of both of Lightfoot's first two albums, "Lightfoot!" and "The Way I Feel," the former released in January 1966, the latter in early 1967, both of which vinyl records I still own, although I have no idea if they are even playable any more. This song is from the first album.
I'll say it over and over. Gordon Lightfoot is a national treasure in Canada. It is impossible to be a bigger star than he is. And that's been true for 50 or so years. He's pretty much on the same level as Maurice Richard.
It seems that this song had a special significance to Lightfoot at the time because his music publishing company was known as "Early Morning Music." I tried to find it using Google search but failed. Maybe he discontinued it at some point, which wouldn't be surprising I suppose. This failure prompted me to dig out my box of old vinyl records, a chore I hope to not repeat too often. "Early Morning Music" is mentioned explicitly only on the back of the album jacket for "Sunday Concert." "Early Morning Music" is listed as the publisher of 3 of the tracks on that album, tracks that I don't believe appear on any other albums. I was sure I would find references to "Early Morning Music" on all the albums, but I didn't. And now I discover I could have saved myself the back-breaking effort of hauling that heavy box down off the shelf and just looked at the CD. The attribution is there. Whatever. Draw from all this whatever conclusions you may.
Here's the link to his biography http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gordon_Lightfoot, the link to an article about the album http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lightfoot! (the exclamation point is part of the URL), and the link to an article about the song http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Early_Morning_Rain.



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