Gordon Lightfoot - Sixteen Miles (to Seven Lakes)


Sixteen Miles (to Seven Lakes)

Early in the mornin', when the dew is on
Each and every rosebud, you will find me gone.
Oh knock me down, pick me up, and knock me down again,
Break my heart, steal my gold, and slander my good name.
Seven lonely hours on a morning train
Take me to a place where I won't come back again.
Seven lonely pullmans speedin' down the line,
Takin' me away from an old love o' mine.
Sixteen miles to seven lakes way up among the pines,
In some hidden valley where the twirlin' river twines,
Where the fish swim up and down, sparklin' waters fall,
Where the thunder rolls, and the lonely puma calls.
Somewhere on the mountain, I'll take another name,
Rid my mind of memories, and start my life again.
Somewhere in the wilderness, I'll build a cabin small,
And forget so I won't remember you at all.
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I created this transcription myself by listening to the song on the CD in my collection. Transcriptions I find online invariably contain errors and they completely lack punctuation. I end up spending the same amount of time, in the end, as I would if I just did it myself. So this time, I just did it myself.
The CD is from a German label named Bear Family Records, BCD 15576. Near as I can tell, the CD was released in 1991. It consists of both of Lightfoot's first two albums, "Lightfoot!" and "The Way I Feel," the former released in January 1966, the latter in early 1967, both of which vinyl records I still own, although I have no idea if they are even playable any more. This song is from the former album.
I'll say it over and over. Gordon Lightfoot is a national treasure in Canada. It is impossible to be a bigger star than he is. And that's been true for 50 or so years. He's pretty much on the same level as Maurice Richard.
Here's the link to his biography http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gordon_Lightfoot and the link to an article about the album http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lightfoot! (the exclamation point is part of the URL).



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