Háblame bajito (ইংরেজী অনুবাদ)

ইংরেজী অনুবাদ

Speak to me softly

Your stare is calling me over
There’s a law of attraction here, and it has to do with you
You paralyzed my heart with your dress
I feel something inside of me when you dance for me, ahh
Babe, how’s it to you if I buy you a drink, drink?
You know I'm not so bad, bad?
Come and have a good time, time
Do not leave my side, side
Talk to me softly (shh)
Let nobody find out
Whisper in my ear
What do you want?
Talk to me softly (shh)
While you move
Let yourself rub against me
Tell me if you feel it
Today I'm going to give you a little bit more
than what you have already been given
So that you don’t look the other way
I'll be quiet, so that they don’t find out
Because that wouldn't be good for you
Save me on your cell phone as you do with your girl friend
In case you get caught on the move
Let them not know it’s me
The one who called you
And made you fall in love
With you I don’t take up words, eh
Come, I’ll whisper it to you
Babe, how’s it to you if I buy you a drink, drink?
You know I'm not so bad, bad?
Come and have a good time, time
Do not leave my side, side
[Austin Mahone:]
I don't know what it is,
But you're pulling me close
You're pulling me close
I just want to hold you when the night is over
Ain't nowhere I wanna go
What I do what I do when I'm with you
Baby you were talking talking talking
Talking nonstop when you came in
Didn't even give me a second thought
When you came in
I just think it's right that I tell you what's on my mind
You're pulling me closer every time you move like that
I could be the one to give you what you want baby
I'll do you whatever you want me to do
I think it's time that we both make a move
It's good nobody has to have a clue, clue, clue, clue
About what I want with you
[50 Cent:]
I tell her to talk to me low so nobody know
Ain’t nobody trippin’, it’s a “me-and-you “thing, and that’s it.
It’s not conditional, unconditional, and unconventional
I’ll be the perfect mistake
or what she was meant to do
She got a friend, I got friends, too
We kick it
She come to when she feeling like Fitty (50)
She know I’m wit’ it
Got a different kind of mind, find I’m not playin’
You can read between the lines and hear what I’m not saying
And better think you got your own luck - she sure not
I mean she barely can keep the door locked - she’s so hot
A niggah might just come thru
With a girl like her, what he gon’ do?
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Specîal thanks to osa for her help with both transcrîpton and translatîon, te lubesc OSA

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Háblame bajito

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