Hijo de la Luna (ইংরেজী অনুবাদ)

ইংরেজী অনুবাদ

Son of the moon

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A fool is he who doesn't understand
a legend tells
that a gypsy woman
implored the moon
weeping, she begged till dawn
to marry a gypsy man
"you'll have your brown-skin man"
spoke the full moon from the sky
"but in retun I want the
the first child
that you have with him,"
one who sacrifices her child
in order not to be alone
is not going
to love it very much
- Chorus -
Moon you want to be mother
and you can't find a love
who makes you a woman.
Tell me, moon of silver
what you intend to do
with a child of flesh
ahhh, ahhh
Son of the Moon
From a cinnamon-skinned father a son
was born
white like an ermine's belly
with gray eyes
instead of olive,
moon's albino son
"Dam his appearence!
This is not a gypsy man's son
and you won't get away with this"
- Chorus -
the qypsy believing himself dishonored
went to his wife, knife in hand
"Whose son in this?
I am sure yu have decieved me!"
and he stabbed her to death
then he went to the mountain
with the child in his arms
and abandoned it there
- Chorus -
And on nights when the moon is full
it's because the child is happy
and if the child cries
the moon will wane
to make him a cradle
and if the child cries
the moon will wane to make him a cradle
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Hijo de la Luna

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