Hymne (ইংরেজী অনুবাদ)

ইংরেজী অনুবাদ


On the shining Idavoll19
Was Lidskjalv's20 look cold and wide
From the sole-ruling eye of Ygg21
By the Ting-place22 of the endless branches
With roots in Nifelheim's Hvergjelmir23
Only the biting cold of evil is felt in marrow and bone
Where the drill-sharp tooth clear the way
In the crystal-clear giant source
Resound the Gjallar-runes24 from the white water of Urd25
Daain Dvalin Dunøyr Duratro26
Bewitched by the life-carrying sprouts
Amid evil insults from Nidhogg's27 Verfolne28
I know an ash-tree raises itself
Yggdrasil coldly
White sand is poured over the tree
Thence comes the dew
That falls in the vales
Stands eternally green over Urd's spring
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লেখকের মন্তব্য:

19. Plain situated in the middle of Asgard, after Ragnarok, there will rise anew gods' palaces.
20. Seat from which Odin can look out over the nine worlds.
21. Name of Odin "the terrible".
22. Place were gods gather to council.
23. Spring in Nifelheim, dark netherworld, from which all rivers originate.
24. Echoing.
25. Spring by Yggdrasill's roots, there sits the three Norns to preside over fate.
26. Four stags that feed on Yggdrasill's treetop.
27. Winged serpent that attacks Yggdrasill's roots.
28. Vulture sitting amidst the eyes of Yggdrasill's eagle).



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