Il triangolo (ইংরেজী অনুবাদ)

প্রূফরিডিং এর অনুরোধ


I have the address, finding you is not a problem,
I'll call you, I'll offer you a strange evening
the pretext you know ... four discs and a little bit of wiskey ... wooooh! I'll be great you'll see, give me space and then you'll tell me, mmm mmm mmm ...
what a male you are ... Who is he? Why did you bring it with you, and his role, explain this to me, what is it?
I wanted to meet you alone if anything,
while he, who he is, who he is,?!
It is already difficult to do it with you ... quit him!
Who is he? what is he? how is he?
he is distracted but it is certain that he's intruding...quit him!
I expected you know, a relationship a little more normal,
which possibility, find a place for me,
now explain to me, the attitude that I will have to adopt ... wooooh! while I would risk finding myself in the dark,
in his arms he ... mmm mmm mmm ... he's not my type!
Who is it? You could see ... you could invent ... you could steal ... Who he is, who he is, he who is already is difficult to do with you ...quit him!
The triangle no, I had not considered,
i'm agree I'll try, geometry is not a crime,
guarantee for him,for this somewhat articulate love ...
while I would risk, but the triangle I would do it again
why not? I would do it again ...
who is he? Who is he?
who is he? And you'll see ...
he is...
who he is, who he is,
and they, they tell who they are?
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Il triangolo

"Il triangolo" এর আরও অনুবাদ
ইংরেজী chiaraviola
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