Joutsenlaulu (ইংরেজী অনুবাদ)

ইংরেজী অনুবাদইংরেজী

Swan Song

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Again you see the children in the yard
underneath your window playing their games
Again you stay there frozen in the window, stay in the window
You fly back to times gone by
Those memories overwhelm you every day
Again they seek for a singer for the swan song, again seek for a singer
When those moments from birth to death are reflected on your eyelids
It makes some people have faith in God, others in Satan, or whoever
But not to this world
Once upon a time you also found it
That love of half-a-century
It was easy for you to be happy, to be happy
What will you do with your instincts now
When the birds have flown from their nest
Only yellowed photos remain, you browse through them again, and yet again
You may not yearn for my pity, it won't numb the pain
That pain writes this song, that pain catches up to anyone
That pain catches up
I see your veil of sorrow, five years ago you let it breathe
The swan song made you cry back then, it made you cry
You'd like to be as you were back then, when you were veiled in white
It has already been trampled by time, just like you
I would like to try and hope to stay above the water's surface
When I see the river overflow its brims, when I see the river overflow
Those women in markets with their carts and the men in their regular bars
Maybe dream of the fountain of youth, and the pain subsides, or whatever
Again a moment closer to death, the pain never evaporates
That pain writes this song, that pain catches up
Anyone, that pain catches up to anyone it wants
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