J'te Parle (ইংরেজী অনুবাদ)

ইংরেজী অনুবাদ

J'te Parle

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I'm talking to you
What drives us is the fight we have to engage in
Easy to be a coward and give up
We ought to talk about it, to disturb them
All this need to change
We ought to talk about it, to disturb them
t ..yes, yes, yes
I just talked about my mom, about my mates (homies?), about my wannabe criminals
6 am, handcuffs, what the devil has in store for us
Open your eyes, take notes
You want to talk? Go ahead, talk, or shut up
I just talked about my mates who like to hang around late at night
Yep [soirée réné???]
Classico and everyone's caight loose, hand over your left hand to Néné
Yes, mosques sealed, a religion grilled
What is secularism when you have to hide to pray
And speak loud, I'm here to speak low
Si am thisat we deserved, history and journey but it's nothing
Kill them all - God will recognize His own
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