La Foule (ইংরেজী অনুবাদ)

ইংরেজী অনুবাদ

The Crowd - Edith Piaf

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I see once more the city in celebration and delirium
Suffocating under the sun and with joy
And I hear in the music the screams, the laughter
Which burst and rebound around me
And lost among these people who crush me
Dazed, bewildered, I remain there
When suddenly I turn around, he moves back,
And the crowd comes and throws me into his arms...
Taken by the crowd which drags us
We are carried
Crushed against one another
We form one body
And flow without effort
We push, connected to one another
And we are both left
Lightened up, intoxicated and happy…
Carried by the crowd that springs
And dances a mad Farandole (local dance)
Our two hands remain welded
And sometimes raised
Our two intertwined bodies fly away
And both fall down
Lightened up, intoxicated and happy...
And the joy splashed by his smile
Goes through me and falls right to the bottom of me
But suddenly I force a cry among the laughter
When the crowd comes to tear him from my arms…
Taken by the crowd that drags us,
We are carried,
We are separated from one another
I struggle and fight
But the sound of his voice
Drowns in the laughter of the others
And I shout in grief, fury and rage
And I cry…
Carried by the crowd that springs
And dances a mad Farandole (local dance)
I am taken far away
And I clench my fists, cursing the crowd which steals from me
The man that it had given me
And that I will never meet again…
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La Foule