Translations to and from
Christian Hymns & SongsHoly Holy Holyইংরেজী → Malagasy
BirdyWingsইংরেজী → Malagasy
National Anthems & Patriotic SongsMadagascar National Anthem - Ry Tanindrazanay malala ô!Malagasy → ইংরেজী
Rudyard KiplingIfইংরেজী → Malagasy
African FolkZuki JacquesMalagasy → ইংরেজী
Non/Disney FandubsTantara fahiny [Beauty and the Beast]Malagasy → ইংরেজী
Non/Disney FandubsKnow Who You Are (Austronesian Cover)ফিলিপিনো / তাগালোগ, Malay, অন্যান্য, Hawaiian, Malagasy → ইংরেজী
Non/Disney FandubsNy Aina aho [I Am Moana]Malay, Malagasy → ইংরেজী