Translations to and from
The Lord's PrayerNtata Rona (The Our Father/Lord's Prayer in Sesotho)Sesotho → ইংরেজী
Psalmist SefakoOska Ntsheba Wa NnyatsaSesotho → ইংরেজী
National Anthems & Patriotic SongsSouth African National Anthem (multilingual; since 1997)ইংরেজী, Afrikaans, Sesotho, Xhosa, জুলু → ইংরেজী
African FolkBana ba SekoloSesotho → ইংরেজী
National Anthems & Patriotic SongsLesotho National Anthem - Lesōthō fatše la bontat'a rōnaSesotho → ইংরেজী
Lesotho Children SongsNoyana tse peliSesotho → ইংরেজী
Lesotho Children SongsTlou ena, ena lenkoSesotho → ইংরেজী
Lesotho Children SongsBana ba SekoloSesotho → ইংরেজী