Lato destro del cuore (ইংরেজী অনুবাদ)

প্রূফরিডিং এর অনুরোধ
ইংরেজী অনুবাদইংরেজী

Right Side of the Heart

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Power and to want
I leave the center
And come to look for you
A little bit like yesterday
Thoughts of string
Get twisted in the heart
Need to understand
Without fearing or shaking
I'm sure
And I dress with anything that flies
I'm the wind and the instinct
Beyond the shadow I have inside me
Take a photo of me now
I'm afraid and I love you
And that's why I'm here
These are bathed hands
These are fallen teardrops
I'm afraid and I'm not scared
Of this change of time
By nature I dare
To see if I win
There's something that flies
The right side of the heart
Behind the door
In the filthy corners
I truly know myself
And you
An endless voice
Shows who you are
When you come to understand me
Need to change
And I want to tell you that
I'm sure
I fall asleep and come to take you now
We walk on water
Then we eat along the road
And we play to feel good
I'm afraid and I love you
And that's why I give you
Caress me now
To feel who I am
I'm afraid and I retouch
I give the photograph more light
A good light and a good journey
I don't forget anything
And that's why I'm safe
Because I have directions1
I want to tell you that I won
I want to tell you that I love you
There's something that flies
The right side of the heart
  • 1. Probably objectives, dreams, goals, etc.
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Lato destro del cuore