Llanto de pasión (ইংরেজী অনুবাদ)

ইংরেজী অনুবাদইংরেজী

Crying of Passion

I've thought of you many times
and today I've decided to write you again.
I'd like to tell you that while having a look on my books
I saw your drawings and your voice came to mind:
"Hi, how's it going, Lico Manuel?" "How are you?"
"Let's go, but by the detour"
"Wait, don't hold me now,
my mother's at the balcony."
I live in the same place.
There still is that bar and the corner
where we used to talk,
where we listened to our song.
No longer eat their snacks there
the workers from the gas plant.
There are no pigeons anymore
neither is that hunting cat.
They uprooted the tree
that cast a shadow over your door.
And I almost can hear you say:
"Hi, how's it going, Lico Manuel?"
Your image comes to mind
when I see your signature on a piece of paper.
I still remember you, many times I think of you.
Today I've decided to write you again.
Rainwater, water of future days...
I woke up without you, you'll never return.
"Goodbye, Manuel". "Lico Manuel, I'm going...
...to the bottom, to the sea of Nothingness."
And here I'm lying down
in this bed of tears.
'Get up! C'mon, stand up!'
What already has passed doesn't exist anymore,
and it's been more than a month since.
Now it's better to forget.
Crying of passion.
I can't remember who was
that girl that I loved so much.
I'm so tired!
At the end, these memories
are crossroads.
"How's it going, Lico Manuel?"
You see, I'm back where I started from.
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It's a song about memories of a teens love.


Llanto de pasión

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