Lo and behold

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"Lo and behold" এর ইডিত্তম্যাটিক অনুবাদ

Et voilà
подумать только!

Meanings of "Lo and behold"


تعبير عن شدة المفاجأة

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something that you say when something surprising happens

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Voici, voilà, tiens tiens

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Ecco che, guarda guarda, guarda un po', guarda caso.

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গানে "Lo and behold"

Bushido - Mephisto

So that there's finally light at the end of the tunnel again

Lo and behold, life was full of colors again
So many new paths that were now revealed to him

The Vamps - Waves

Ghosts in my home
They leave 'cause they can find much better
Lo and behold, I'm on my own
With only myself to blame

Vladimir Vysotsky - Parable about Truth and Lie

Lo and behold, your pants are worn by the underhanded Lie,
Lo and behold, your watch tells time to the treacherous Lie,
Lo and behold, your noble steed carries the insidious Lie.

Irama - I'm gonna get high

You think you turn up like that
And lo and behold: all my problems are solved?

Agnieszka Chylińska - Guilty

Because when it only happens to you
It's a bit too human than you'd like
Then lo and behold
You're just like me

Wheatus - Teenage Dirtbag

Man I feel like mold
It's prom night and I am lonely, lo and behold
She's walkin' over to me this must be fake

Alligatoah - Playing doctor

This body part was never my field
Transfer money, then I'll remit you
Lo and behold! I could shine again wonderfully
One-armed, blind and limping people

xatar - My Greatest Love

I promoted my Satla
In the streets, hoping that Sarah
Would notice me, and lo and behold, after a couple of days Sarah was back with me
I didn't care why, I was crazy for Sarah

Bigflo et Oli - Reply

I adored when you refused this show
I come from Marseille, it's been a long time since I've listened to rap
But lo and behold, you're making me think of a great group that came to my house

Mgła - Groza I

The burden of Aksios leaking through open wounds.

Lo and behold: the finely crafted,
precise mechanism of sheep and scapegoat.

Russian Children Songs - The Octopus Song

A Stick, a stick, a cucumber
Lo-and-behold, a man comes out
Look a man, look a man was the result (1)

Romuald Figuier - The one who stays and the one who leaves

You have the power to leave, I don’t have it
Of course I understand, of course I’m not mad at you
But lo and behold, ‘we’ already became ‘you and me’

Bright World - Lola

Lola, (oh-oh)
Lo-and-behold-woh-oh-oh-a-la (woh-oh)
Oh-woh-oh-oh, oh my Lo-oh-oh-la,

Rio Reiser - Magic Land

Skies aglow like hot iron
A little bird sings silently
Our song.. Lo and Behold..

Vladimir Vysotsky - Masquerade Ball

Again, I end up in zoo all of a sudden:
Lo and behold- two wife's, well, two Marina Vlady!
Dressed like animals,

Roméo et Juliette, de la haine à l'amour (Musical) - Why does it hurt?

It's so strange, why don't you sense death creeping about?
We always laugh about everything, making up jokes ceaselessly!
But lo and behold, the famous Romeo is losing this battle to fear!

Édith Piaf - Johnny Fedora and Alice Blue Bonnet

Johnnie Fedora was lonely and stranded
in the window of the department store.
When lo and behold he was suddenly sold
and his heart became gay once more

Cellar Darling - Starcrusher

Lo and behold the fairy dust, run!
Lo and behold the fairy dust, run!
Splitting asunder

Kerry Ellis - The Kissing Me Song

It was a lonely night
When I was watching the TV
Lo and behold on tight
There you were singing about me

Seventh Wonder - Against the Grain

One girl against them all
(Lo and behold)