Long Hope Philia (ইংরেজী অনুবাদ)

ইংরেজী অনুবাদ

Long hope philia

The more I walk, the more my soles are dirtied.
And the same thing's happening to our souls. The more they're worn down, the cloudier they become.
It's during those times that I remember the reason that kept pushing you forward.
Meant to be the savior but was saved instead. The hand being held wasn't yours but mine.
May light shine free on our journey. I promise we won't mention how strong or weak.
And each step you take on the road ahead, is another victory for your bravery.
Just like filling your lungs in order to scream and getting a running start before you leap,
We cry so that we can smile someday, and none of us think that it means we've lost.
Long hope philia.
Things change as time goes on. That goes for the town and for my friends, too.
I know that leaving happens often. The sentiment that I've no home is all too clear.
But what about me? I'm burdened with the guilt that I can't leave myself alone.
Take a look for yourself, my friends. Don't be sad that it changed, but glad that it could.
May light shine free on our setbacks. I don't see them as success or failure.
Those who can laugh in the final episode can take them as their trophies for a happy ending.
Never hurt because you never dreamed. Never suffered because you never hoped.
But the moment that you reached out your hand, give thanks for the scars that followed.
Long hope philia
Give up. Hold doubt. Close it all out. I think I heard something about letdowns.
But the things I lost, I now wield as weapons. They're flowers blooming in the dark depths.
My friend's far away now, a shining blue constellation.
All of us are living our hearts out, and that's already a full load to carry as it is.
May light shine free on our lives. It's not like we've ever needed a reason.
Even if our heads are hung low, our feet are firm. They're firm right on the starting line.
And because you smiled on this day, the losses we had weren't at all in vain.
That's why in the depths flowers bloom. My friend, the hope for the future.
Long hope philia
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Long Hope Philia

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