Mad Manoush - The Gypsy Revolution


The Gypsy Revolution

He's never been 1 in a palace.
Much more been a fuckin' dick.
Hanging around in his worn-out shoes
and his girl is a (buff of low hair? 2)
He's a gypsy. Got to print money.
Always living on the edge of hell.
Missed the devil, got a train to heaven.
Still we hear the boy's last farewell.
Waiting for the gypsy revolution.
In the city where it's hard to see the sky.
Waiting for the gypsy revolution.
In the dirty brown (trevels 3) where the trains go by.
Waiting for the gypsy revolution.
In the city, where you fuck off and die.
Waiting for the gypsy revolution.
Sitting on the ground where the people walk by.
Long before the next roll of 7 4.
A flicker of hope in his dull black eyes.
He drinks, drinks. Like a ghost,
he roams through the night till the sun will dry.
He's doing a clock-down 5 waiting to nowhere.
Always living on the edge of crime.
Dreaming of his own fucking paradise.
Dreaming till the end of time.
{Music Break}
...the people walk by.
  • 1. British accent
  • 2. As an American, I don't know what he's saying here, sorry.
  • 3. Whatever he's saying here, I can't find in the dictionary. But, from my memory as a young boy, I think this is the metal bar on the track that the trains ride on. But, I'm not sure.
  • 4. Playing a game of dice
  • 5. Same as a "count-down" 10, 9, 8...
Phil AmbroPhil Ambro দ্বারা মঙ্গল, 05/02/2019 - 16:31 তারিখ সাবমিটার করা হয়
সাবমিটার এর মন্তব্য:

If he's not British, his accent is fantastic!!! As an American, there are only two things I don't know what he's saying, noted in (parentheses).

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