Make a Living

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"Make a Living" এর ইডিত্তম্যাটিক অনুবাদ

Bee 'iiná dah yish łééł
yasamini kazanmak
gecimini saglamak
Ekmeğini kazanmak
Gagner sa vie
Ansaita elantonsa
Ganarse la vida
সার্বীয়, স্পেনীয় #1, #2

Meanings of "Make a Living"


To earn one's livelihood

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Explained by agrinagrin

зарабатывать на жизнь

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গানে "Make a Living"

Dirty Heads - Vacation

Close my eyes sometimes it feels as if I go away
I love the life I live and enjoy the ride along the way
"I make a living out of living," yeah, that's what I say
I've got one life to live, and I wouldn't live it no other way

Chansons paillardes - The priest of Camaret

He left me penniless
But with my little hole
I'll make a living (3)

Aman Aman - One Hundred Drachmas A Day

We will run from the pain
because I know how to make a living, oh!
let's go to Palestine,

Jovanotti - A Lot, A Lot, A Lot

Do you have a goal? I believe so
Where do you find yourself? In Italy
And how do you make a living? I play music
Where are you from? Tuscany

Wednesday Campanella - Jeanne D'Arc

I was a refugee who escaped the Inquisition, disappeared and floated down the river[fn] this word, どんぶらこ, donburako, is the verb used for Momotaro floating down the river in his peach in the eponymous folktale.[/fn],
I finally ended up in the Far East island country J-A-P-O-N, Japon[fn]Jeanne, being French, calls Japan by its French name.[/fn]
I had to make a living, so I decided bus guide would be the most appropriate part-time job for me
And now, I've been named the number 1 employee, I'm a super popular tour guide

Billy Joel - The Downeaster "Alexa"

I was a bayman like my father was before
Can't make a living as a bayman anymore
There ain't much future for a man who works the sea

Jolin Tsai - Cut off the negative (Life sucks)

Struggling to find love, suffering from loneliness
Struggling to make a living, staying in a job I hate for small paychecks
Down on my luck, only attracting jerks

N.O.E. (εnN.O.E.iται) - GRK RMX KNG (Greek Remix King) - SHUT UP

Weed doesn't kill cells like coke and boxing
You are not MC:s or rappers or controllers of the mics
If you don´t make a living out of rap
I am the MC who works home alone

Diane Dufresne - I'm twelve

I could have a lover
As people did when you were young.
What will I do to make a living, Mom?
I don't want to study in vain

Fabrizio Moro - For me

With dirty but innocent thoughts,
moving to different apartments
and the songs written to make a living
great loves and never an altar.

NF - All I Have

It's hard to get a break when the door's ain't open
It's hard to get a shot when the gun ain't loaded
And it's hard to make a living when nobody wanna notice. Hold it
What am I insane maybe? Plain crazy

Rod Stewart - Maggie May

I suppose I could collect my books and get on back to school,
Or steal my daddy's cue and make a living out of playing pool;
Or find myself a rock and roll band

Jennifer Lopez - Jenny From The Block

Men go working
Some go stealing
Everyone's got to make a living

The Dø - Anita No!

If wrong or right
Anita need to kill
To make a living

Metric - Dark Saturday

Somewhere in the south of France
Or the Caribbean sea
She said, "I need to make a living"
"Fake donors got nothing on me"

The Heavy Horses - Pale Rider

Many men 've quickly found I'm unforgiving
They say dying ain't no way to make a living
So get your gun and bet your life, if you're a gambler

Hedy West - 500 Miles

This-a way
This-a way
Lord, I can't make a living this a-way!

I Muvrini - The Emigrant

I'm an emigrant who goes to make a living
Along the highway edge, through a dust cloud.

I'm an exile, that's the way the fate wants

Kuunkuiskaajat - Working Is A Way To Make A Living

I sing
daylight, shine, full Moon, travel safely
Working is a way to make a living, but you get rich by trading

Markos Vamvakaris - All the street brothers left and right

All the mean badass brothers who
try make a living out there
they're carrying deep in their heart too