Mauvaise foi nocturne (ইংরেজী অনুবাদ)

ইংরেজী অনুবাদ

Nocturnal dishonesty

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Fatal - Yeah, who's there ?
Vitoo - Fatal, it's Vitoo, open the door…
Fatal - Are you ok Vitoo ? You look weird. What is it ? OK, alright ?
Vitoo - No, I'm not ok.
Fatal - Then tell me, what is it ? Don't act like a bitch…
Vitoo - Fatal, sit down, we got to talk,
I've spent the night drinking,
Fatal, I've got a bad feeling, I don't know, she suspects me…
Fatal - Come on Vitoo, you know your chick loves you, your chick told me :
"You know, with Vitoo, there's trust for him, he's my little darling…"
Don't start panicking, I swear
Your chick is cool, your chick is hot,
Vitoo, you screw thousands of them, she doesn't suspect anything, she's too stupid !
Vitoo - But what do you know about this ?!
It's been two months she's so scary…
Fatal - Really ?!
Vitoo - She's checking on my text every 15 minutes,
Fatal - Change your PIN code !
Vitoo - She's infiltrated my voicemail,
My chick's turned into another woman, yeah!
Fatal - Are you really sure ? Any evidences ?
Vitoo - She's becoming freaky,
Everynight, she's having me stalked by her brother Denis
Who's even planned on beating the shit out of me on Tuesday
I'm getting so nervous, it's a real nightmare,
I'm so scared of her I sleep at the hotel at night !
Fatal - She's way of the mark, you dig other chicks like Ken*…
All the weird stuff, threesomes, and the sluts !
All your lies about your easy dates…
You got a python in your underpants, Vitoo, you're such a sex maniac.
Vitoo - But I do love
Fatal - Yeah, here you go, tell her that !
Vitoo - Forgive me
Fatal - Yeah, this is good !
Vitoo - It just happened 16 times
Fatal - No way, don't tell her that !
Vitoo - But I don't know if I assume sleeping with her only !
Fatal - Ok don't bother
Hand me the keys, we're gonna party tonight
No way, slap me
Hell she scratched your BMW, she punctured it
She even dumped on the seat,
When, fuck it, the BMW's mine !
Vitoo - Forgive me…
Fatal - But why did she screw up my car ?
Vitoo - I didn't dare
Fatal - You didn't dare telling her what ?
Vitoo - That it was yours
Fatal - Yeah, well, mine, I had borrowed it, alright !
Vitoo - I didn't want to assumer taking her out in a 4L !
Fatal - Come on, here we go.
Vitoo - But, what for ?
Fatal - Cause she's gonna pay me back, that sucks !
Vitoo - Right now, I don't know
Fatal - You gotta talk to her, buddy !
Vitoo - I'm feeling nauseous
Fatal - Open the glove compartment then !
Vitoo - I shouldn't have tried seafood in the socktail !
Fatal - Go on knock ! No… I said knock !
Vitoo's chick - Yeah, 12 secs, I'm comin'…
Fatal - Yeah, go on
Vitoo - What the hell have you done ?
Why all this violence ? I didn't do anything to you
Fatal - Yeah, tell her !
Vitoo - I swear, I don't what this girl was doing at my place !
Fatal - Huh ?
Vitoo - I wasn't there anyway, or else it wasn't me…
Fatal - Not that !
Vitoo - Cause I was walking my dog !
Fatal - Oh là là !
Vitoo's chick - Your dog died 3 years ago, get lost
Vitoo - Well no actually, cause she actually recovered, cause…
Fatal - Hell, shut the fu*ck up mate !
And you Mother Teresa, chill out please !
You're as tense as a thong… just let one rip !
The BMW's mine !
On top of that, you didn't know, but I had taken it from my mother…
So you too shut the fu*ck up
Poor guy, he's peeing his pants !
Your cheap jokes, save'em for your granny…
Oh… Why are you hitting me, what's wrong with you ?!
You're not a chick, you're a ninja or what ?
Damn I'm scared stiff, come one Vitoo, let's take off !
Vitoo - Hurry
Fatal - Gimme your car keys !
Vitoo - Open the door.
Fatal - Hop in, we'll be safe.
Vitoo - You know, I'm really scare.
Fatal - Is she doing ultimate fighting or what ?
Vitoo - She would even be able to finish me off with a shovel.
Vitoo - But she's SO dreaming !
She makes me do the dishes,
She wants me to put the trash out,
Why on earth am I with her !
Fatal - Why on earth are you with her, alright ?
Vitoo - Why on earth am I with her !
Fatal - Why on earth are you with her na na easy yeah man tac tac bang bang hands up hands up yeah yeah pump it up !
Vitoo - Wow, what are you doing ?
Fatal - What ? What's wrong ? Just feeling the vibe ! Ok… go fu*ck yourself !
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This song's so funny ! I'm sorry, I really did my best, but it's just impossible to bring out ALL the jokes !

*I didn't get this one "tu kiffes de ken"... tu kiffes = you dig, but the thing with ken... Confused smile


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