Mephisto (ইংরেজী অনুবাদ)

ইংরেজী অনুবাদ


[Part 1]
Between all the squalor and scum back then in Berlin
There was this boy
It was his vision and not a daydream, he wanted to earn it
And for good reason, indeed
His mother was a single parent, his brother much smaller than him
And that's exactly why these bills1 had to come now
But his label didn't want to pay him anymore
So it left him no choice
He asked on the street, desperate for help
It became a race, the boy was destitute
The shadows grew larger and rays of light scarce
The room was cold when Mephisto2 saw him
So that he might clarify it for him, he gave him his word:
"Think about your future, you want to get away from this place.
Make the journey, don't turn back.
Don't listen to others anymore, don't ask why anymore.
You can have what you want, just give me the orders.
I don't want much from you, just your soul in the end."
The boy weighed it over, too little spoke against it
Today he knows it was then that the devil stepped into his life
The tears were forgotten, he felt secure
All of a sudden he didn't have to worry about the future anymore
The new electro sound, the boy from the ghetto
He became a businessman, gross became net
In Germany, chaos reigned, he made himself an enemy of the state
The role of his life - Joker, Dark Knight
Everyone wanted to be close to him, his words became gold
Blood, sweat and tears, the snowball started rolling
His soul was sold, the boy rose up onto his throne
An idol for many, yet his freedom was an illusion
Mephisto had plans, the king of hyenas
The snake, the apple in the garden of Eden
The curve went up, the words became platinum
There was no remorse, he beat whoever screwed around
The spirits he summoned, they demanded tribute
These voices in the minds, this blood on the hands
The nights grew longer, no stars in the sky
No matter where he goes, scorched earth everywhere
Everything calculated, because in the end there was no luck
It went from the skyline back to the curb
The year 2007, a poster on the Ku'damm3
The whole country understood now, the boy was at the starting line
Records fall and suddenly, the sky was the limit
A life without limit, until the guy with the scythe comes in
As they say so beautifully, pride often comes before a fall4
And in a way, it was like karma was everywhere at once
These things happened, his mother got sick
Forgotten were the prizes, no joy, nothing but fear
It suited Mephisto well, because need makes you vulnerable
He gave his best, "Listen, my boy, come and sit.
You can trust in me, I love you like a father loves his son.
Together, we now make millions upon millions."
He heard what he said and killed his doubts
towards the devil, the angel was too quiet.
With each day, he lost himself a little bit more,
Because nothing was like it had been before, his heart was poisoned.
Numb and without regard, desperate in the search
Not easy to differentiate the evil from the good
He sacrificed almost everything to live fast, ASAP5
Chainsaw Massacre, Heavy Metal Payback
Believe me, times change, and suddenly Mephisto did, too.
The limelight was tempting, and he slowly became schizophrenic.
He wanted a stage, his grimace on the big screen
He tore the reins away, would not accept any objections
A devil and dictator, always polite on the outside
It wasn't possible to see through his thousands of faces
A master of intrigue, his tongue became forked
The key to his success was, all along, the boy
And for many years it ran, it turned the wheels
Until the first of February, the boy met a girl
She would change many things, and somehow it happened
That she stayed by his side, finally something true
Between all the lies and dark figures
The boy became a father and nothing stayed the same
Mephisto sowed discord and pulled out all the stops
All at once he was lawyer, plaintiff, as well as judge
It was heartbreaking, the boy met his fate
When his mother died, nothing but mourning faces
He fled from the family, Mephisto's hour struck
And everything he loved was going to the dogs little by little
He started to argue, in the end for nothing at all
The girl was struck with sheer panic
She didn't recognize him anymore, what had even become of him?
The last bit of hope between them was dead
She fell to her knees, too much weight on her shoulders
She cried because she knew just who was to blame
But no one listened as she warned and pleaded
An angel without wings sang clear prayers
Mephisto, the devil, a liar without equal
For the soul of this boy, he walked over corpses again
The marriage lay in shambles, he had what he wanted
And would never let him go, like a wolf holding its prey
And so it came to be that the shadow took possession of him a bit more
There were many rooms, but nobody turned on the light
No matter what he tried, he sank into depression
His constant companions were spirits and demons
He had abstained from life, it wasn't possible to continue on
The question that tortured him; why was he so foolish?
He missed his children, his girl, his mom
On the phone, the boy found out she was pregnant again
He had to win her back and knew what had to be done
The only one who didn't want it was his false brother
Mephisto got angry when he heard about it
He wanted to prevent it, no trace of conscience
The weapons he used were terribly selfish
Preserving the facade wasn't important anymore
He took his chances and sprang out of his chains
Now he raised his voice to save his family
For the first time in years, the girl really got
The respect she deserved, because true love never dies
The scars ran deep, but the enemy was now the same
Together through the rain, the storm, and even the cold
They were full of confidence, courage and determination
He gave her a promise and it wasn't broken
And that's when Mephisto lost the horror of the old days
Claws of a rat, black wings like a raven
His mask fell, so everyone saw his true form
He was a monster of fire, but his breath was cold
It was about life and death, the boy moved in for the fight
The devil's plans were all pounded into the ground
[Part 2]
Fifteen years later, the boy nearly forty
Almost all of his dreams since realized
He has five children, he has many bills6
Six years of marriage, married for love
Thirteen solo albums, with gold in the basement
Talent still puts food on the table7
Life could be so beautiful, such carefree ways
If only Mephisto didn't still have his soul
Locked and sunk, lost in the ocean's depths
He would even pay with death
Because he's not afraid, even if his opponent was never on the ground before
Just like back then, David against Goliath
The voices of the angels, they sing in chorus
Their souls, they ascended to heaven
And tell stories of the devil on the ground
How a boy lost almost everything out of carelessness
Because there were times when he followed Mephisto blindly
Heard the lies again and again like a whisper on the wind
Became just like him, gave up resistance
Now he has to set many things straight, because no one believes him anymore
So many people humiliated, behaved unfairly
Hundreds of corpses lie on the way to their success
They wrote and searched for the mistakes they had made
It's impossible to consider things from far away
But today the boy has the necessary distance
Sees the picture as a whole, without sugar coating8 or glossing over
And today Mephisto watches destiny take its course
Even he can't change it, no fire without smoke
He raged and in the end, left rubble and ashes behind
He gave the boy more than one reason to hate him
He subjected him to his will, constant control
The fact that he choked on it doesn't matter in the end
Appalling, all the things he condoned
Lived off the people who truly looked up to him
An imposter, with the money gone to his head,
who has so much, but is still never satisfied,
who never sleeps, the price of his crime is to
wander through valleys full of sulfur for eternity
Together with his equals, so that they never return home again
Never again will he ever lock up this boy
The end of a reign, self-proclaimed king
The world will forget him, not unusual anymore, just ordinary
Who has remained with him? His legions flee
He was never kind or merciful himself
The fear was his hammer, the trickery was his chisel
His sick mind was incomprehensible
Incredible, how wicked, look at his work
Hundreds of souls, down there in dungeons, yeah
Everyone knows the devil has his own motive
The suffering he inflicts on people is his profit
The boy shouldn't have laid a finger on it
But instead, he made Mephisto's pockets full
He paid enough and didn't owe anything to anyone
No matter how much it hurt, the boy remained patient
No compromises from now on
Dissing without naming names, believe me, they know who
took the soul of this boy out of greed
He must accept that there's no "we" anymore
These lines are sincerely addressed to Mephisto
He was never a true friend, just a reckless animal
In the sky, vultures circle, an era comes to an end
This is how the boy became a living legend
He gathered his courage and faced his fears
No masquerade, because the truth lasts the longest
He wiped the slate clean, once and for all
His heart knows, you can't pay with your soul
So he gets his soul back, the deal hereby null and void
So that there's finally light at the end of the tunnel again
Lo and behold, life was full of colors again
So many new paths that were now revealed to him
He doesn't look back, that chapter is history
From what his grandchildren will someday tell,
One will recount about him, "He was a good guy
with anger in his lungs and his heart on his sleeve
The mistakes he made are anchored deep within him
He's grateful for every day with his family."
Because things happen that most people doubt
Understandable, that many of them aren't ready for the truth
The devil's greatest trick, apart from his plans,
was making humanity believe that he didn't exist.9
  • 1. In this context, this means bills of money/cash, not bills/debts that need to be paid.
  • 2. Mephisto (Mephistopheles) is the devil's representative from the German legend of Faust. This song is a modern variation of a Faust legend.
  • 3. Ku'damm is short for
    Kurfürstendamm, a famous avenue in Berlin.
  • 4. The phrase "Hochmut kommt vor dem Fall" is a German expression similar to "the higher you rise, the harder you fall," but the fall is due to the person's pride or arrogance.
  • 5. ASAP is an abbreviation for “As Soon As Possible.”
  • 6. Again this means bills of money, not debts.
  • 7. Lit: bread on the plate
  • 8. To “sugar coat” something means to make it appear more positive than it really is.
  • 9. This phrase is from a quote by French poet Charles Baudelaire, though many people know it from the films “Devil's Advocate” and “The Usual Suspects.”
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Sarah RoseSarah Rose    বুধ, 20/02/2019 - 01:37

It would be incredibly helpful if the original text was broken up into smaller parts. There are also some errors in the lyrics.

Hansi K_LauerHansi K_Lauer    বুধ, 20/02/2019 - 04:01

Lyrics split up in stanzas.
Some punctuation added,
but basically the lyrics seem alright.

Sarah RoseSarah Rose    বুধ, 20/02/2019 - 05:59

Thank you! Should "wir" should be "wird" in this sentence?

Er muss akzeptier'n, niemals wieder wir
Diese Zeilen komm'n von Herzen an Mephisto addressiert

Hansi K_LauerHansi K_Lauer    বৃহস্পতি, 21/02/2019 - 06:49

Negative, the wording is correct.
>"Er muss akzeptier'n, niemals wieder wir" means:
He must accept, it'll never again be "us"
(he is going to be alone ever after, he'll never again have the company of his former friends)

Sarah RoseSarah Rose    বৃহস্পতি, 21/02/2019 - 07:33

That makes much more sense, I had confused this with being part of the next line so I've corrected it.

Hansi K_LauerHansi K_Lauer    বুধ, 20/02/2019 - 04:31

>"Jetzt muss er vieles graderücken, weil ihm niemand mehr glaubt"
Now he has to put many things straight, because nobody believes him anymore

>"Gemeinsam machen wir jetzt Abermillion'n“
Together, we now make lots of millions."

>"Er hörte, was er sagte, und tötete die Zweifel
Dem Teufel gegenüber, der Engel war zu leise"
should read like:
Er hörte, was er sagte,
und tötete die Zweifel dem Teufel gegenüber,
der Engel war zu leise.

Sarah RoseSarah Rose    বুধ, 20/02/2019 - 06:05

Thanks, this is helpful. So is "grade" another way to spell "gerade?" (Like unsre/unsere).

Hansi K_LauerHansi K_Lauer    বৃহস্পতি, 21/02/2019 - 06:38

It's easily to be confused.
"Duden" (German Grammar Bible) says:


in diesem Augenblick, soeben, momentan
(umgangssprachlich) rasch, geschwind, für [ganz] kurze Zeit
unmittelbar, direkt
mit Mühe und Not, knapp
(umgangssprachlich) erst recht

Synonyme zu grade:

augenblicklich, derzeit[ig], eben, gegenwärtig, in diesem Augenblick/Moment, jetzt, kurz/unmittelbar vorher, momentan, soeben, vor einem Augenblick, zurzeit; (scherzhaft, sonst veraltend) just; (veraltet) justament
für [ganz] kurze Zeit, [nur ganz] kurz, rasch, schnell; (landschaftlich) eben, geschwind
eben noch, knapp, mit großen Schwierigkeiten, mit Mühe und Not
[jetzt] erst recht

ge­ra­de, umgangssprachlich gra­de:

eine gerade Zahl 
der Weg ist gerade (ändert die Richtung nicht)
die Kerze, sich gerade halten
das Besteck gerade hinlegen
sie sollen gerade sitzen, stehen

die Stäbe gerade biegen oder geradebiegen
die Hemden gerade legen oder geradelegen
den Zaun gerade richten oder geraderichten
die Möbel gerade stellen oder geradestellen

Sarah RoseSarah Rose    বৃহস্পতি, 21/02/2019 - 07:31

Vielen dank, jetzt verstehe ich ganz klar!

Hansi K_LauerHansi K_Lauer    বৃহস্পতি, 21/02/2019 - 07:19

>"Er versagte sich dem Leben, weitermachen war nicht möglich" [part 1, 14th stanza, 1st line]
"Er versagte sich dem Leben" means: he abstained from life

>"Er ließ es darauf ankomm'n und sprengte seine Ketten" [part 1, 15th stanza]
"Er ließ es darauf ankommen" means: he pushed his luck, or: he took his chances

>" For the first time in years, the girl really gave
The respect that was due, ..."
For the first time in years, the girl really got
The respect she deserved, ...
[part 1, 15th stanza]

>"pounded all the devil's plans into the ground" =
the devil's plans were all pounded into the ground
[part 1, last stanza, last line]

Hansi K_LauerHansi K_Lauer    রবি, 24/02/2019 - 11:03

Part 2, 5th stanza:
>"Lebte von den Menschen, die wahrhaftig zu ihm aufsah'n"
Lived off the people who truly looked up to him

Part 2, 6th stanza:
>"Wer ist ihm noch geblieben?"
Who has remained with him?

Part 2, 8th stanza:
>"believe me, they know who
The soul of this boy taken out of greed
believe me, they know who
took the soul of this boy out of greed