Before my time

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Meanings of "Before my time"


Referring to something that occured before one existed or could remember it. Ie
"Elvis was before my time."

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Explained by SafyraSafyra

গানে "Before my time"

Charles Aznavour - I could already see myself

No one never ever ever gave my any chance
Others have succeeded with mediocre voices and a lot of money
I was too pure or before my time
But the day will come when I will show them that I have talent

Mikhail Lermontov - The Demon. Part II

After bringing peace to holy relics,
Let a dusky cell become
My tomb, before my time..."

Lucas Lucco - 11 Lives

If God would give me another chance to live
But I just want to remember
Before my time ends
So you don't forget

Robbie Williams - Better Man

Lord I fear the cold
Feel I'm getting old
Before my time

Steve Earle - Copperhead Road

Now, the revenue man wanted granddaddy bad.
Headed up the holler<fn>(Appalachian English) a valley between two hills or a small clearing</fn> with everything he had.
Before my time, but I've been told.
You never come back from Copperhead Road.

Zack Hemsey - Vengeance

Before I die alone? (before I die alone?)
Before my time has gone? (before my time has gone?)
Let me have vengeance

Nik & Jay - Hvad Nu Hvis

(jay is the singer) its my life, I enjoy the show, I know, that it sound ashamed
but I have things I'll do before my time is gone
its the things I give farther, that means something

Katy Grey (Greece) - My heartache for you

I suffer in my life because of you
I'll grow old before my time, I know
And even if the victim is me

Norah Jones - Cold Cold Heart

And melt your cold cold heart

Another love before my time
Made your heart sad an' blue

Robin Packalen - The Summer of Lapland

And me myself, why do I think of these?
It's a sign of getting old before my time
Why won't I follow the order of the blood's instinct

Dean Reed - Yesterday when I was young

Guess that's why now
I feel so old
Before my time

Timo Flloko - On Riverbanks

Days and years I tarry, linger,
Weak and out of breath and withered,
Old before my time and broken,
Far from hearth and far from workplace,

Mazzy Star - Halah

for all the reasons that you left.
And close my eyes, still I see your surprise
And you're leaving before my time.
Baby won't you change your mind?

Roy Clark - Yesterday when I was young

I guess that's why now
I feel so old
Before my time

Tonči Huljić & Madre Badessa - Delirium Tremens (English Version)

Because of her, I'm so high
And before my time too drunk

Stélios Kazantzídis - In The Bitter Dusk

I grew old too soon
and before my time
now my face is deeply incised

Levent Yüksel - My Princess

Come, calm down and come
Before my time passes

Mickaël Miro - Just Like This

I know. I don’t have the courage of pokers on Facebook.
A “has been” well before my time, I prefer to bargain hunt in the markets
Clumsy with texting, stressed out by the Internet services providers**

Philippe Brach - Born to be Wild

So come find me
Before I leave
Before my time
My breath isn't strong enough

Katy Grey (Greece) - my longing for you

cause of you i suffer in my life
I’ll become old before my time, I know it
And if the victim it’s me