Nail in the coffin

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গানে "Nail in the coffin"

Lifelover - The Nail in the Coffin

Drown me in your sentimental clichés
Put me on a plane and crash it into the northern iced sea
I don’t have the will to hear it anymore, to do anymore, to exist anymore
Put me in a rickety boat without any oars, and let the waves

One OK Rock - Skyfall

You are my enemy

The last nail in the coffin
Like a cold calling

Happoradio - Don't Talk About Tomorrow

Poor excuses, a neck feasted on
A nail in the coffin hammered with wickedness
Maybe we aren't in a hurry to get to our home cemetery

Eminem - Nail in the Coffin

This motherfucker, man!
Just won't shut up, will you?
Talking 'bout I owe him

One OK Rock - Skyfall

You are my enemy

The last nail in the coffin
Like a cold calling

Bring Me the Horizon - It Never Ends

Is this what you call love? (This is a war I can’t win).

One more nail in the coffin. One more foot in the grave.
One more time I’m on my knees, as I try to walk away.

Eminem - Nail in the Coffin

Αυτός ο καριόλης ρε φίλε,
Δεν λέει να το βουλώσει
Μιλά για το πόσα του χρωστάω

Annihilator - Sexecution

how do your feel, miss sex appeal
have your played this game before
a nail in the coffin, a bullet to the head
take the chance and wind up dead

Maskinen - Bestman

Sitting here, mumbling some old psalm
You disappear, I am drinking out of the bottle
The rice is thrown, the nail in the coffin
Thinking only fuck you, fuck your father

Cradle of Filth - I Am The Thorn

The needle in the eye of the hurricane
The poison in the font
The nail in the coffin of the profane
I am the lot

Bloodsimple - Dead Man Walking

Look at me I'm a dead man walking
Put another nail in the coffin
On a hill I see the bodies burning