Original Gigolo (ইংরেজী অনুবাদ)

ইংরেজী অনুবাদইংরেজী

Original Gigolo

I'm the McGyver, a Knight who Rides, I'm not choosy with chicks, I take them all
And once again, my Instagram picture gets one like, one thousand likes, one million likes
I'm the OG old man, when I take a piss, Puppe plays the piano
I lie on your bed like a porcelain doll, like a hairless dog, like Keisteri's Ukkeli
I'm not for sale, I'm available for purchase, let's get close, I'll make you a baby
Who did what and whom, I'll clean the sauna, my aircraft carrier will bring world peace
I don't mean NATO, I mean I take: across the border and the battlefront I'll kidnap and assault a Lotta
And even though I write eloquent text like Vexi, I'm even better at sex
Invincible, fearless, completely indomitable and an absolute OG
Lovely when naked, clean as a white sheet, hey, it's the OG
When chicks see me, they say: Oh shit!
Here comes the motherfucking OG!
And I'll plug every single hole
Because I'm the original gigolo
Gigolo, gigolo, gigolo, gigolo, gigolo
Gigolo, gigolo, gigolo, gigolo, gigolo
Gigolo, gigolo, gigolo, gigolo, gigolo
Gigolo, gigolo, gigolo, gigolo, gigolo
When chicks see me, they say, oh shit
Here comes the motherfucking OG
Gigolo, gigolo, gigolo, gigolo, gigolo
I arrive at the club alone
I leave with women I picked up from the club
Pictures of my grandchildren
Are what I'm going to need to have in my wallet
The hardest-working gigolo, like Richard Gere in top condition
Old lady, let's get busy, I'm so young and I need money
Times are tough, bodies are tight
Things'll get slippery when I show you my sauna stoves
True to my habit, my socks are missing
And my shoulder blade says it can handle a little common cold
Gigolo, gigolo, gigolo, gigolo, gigolo
Oh, bang me like a piccolo
I came to have fun, so come try me out; now they're all whispering: "How dare he!"
If you have worries
I can caress you
I can listen to you
If you want to vent
And you can trust me
I don't have an agenda
You can lean on me
Or we can just start driving
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লেখকের মন্তব্য:

Puppe is the name of a pianist character who accompanied Jean-Pierre Kusela ("Pisser"), a parody of French singer Jean-Claude Pascal.

Keisteri is the artist behind Ukkeli ("Old man"), a neon-colored, homoerotic character whose design draws from the crasser stereotypes of Finnishness.

"Ei mikää NATO vaan otan" is wordplay, since NATO is "otan" ("I take") backwards.

Lottas were members of Lotta Svärd, a Finnish voluntary auxiliary paramilitary organization for women that existed during the First and Second World Wars. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lotta_Sv%C3%A4rd

Vexi refers to Vexi Salmi, a nationally famous lyricist.

Pikkolo/piccolo is probably a reference I'm not old enough to get.


Original Gigolo

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